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Friday, May 12, 2017

Shopping at Lazada App & Pay Easy with MOLPay

你们都听过 Lazada Malaysia 吗?
那么你听过 Lazada Malaysia 的 App 吗?可以通过你的 IOS/Google Play Store 下载呢~

是的,今天我即将跟大家介绍如何更轻松的使用 Lazada Malaysia App,还有如果轻易的付款哦!

下载 App 先~

打开它 ❤



记得 ADD TO CART,那么你就可以去结账了!我买了两个,一个放客厅,一个放大房,因为男友很多包包要吊起来呢~


选择邮寄地址,还有付款选项,最后 REVIEW 物品即可完成啦!

使用到 MOLPay 付钱真的是超级方便哦~简单而且有够直接。 这次我使用 7-11 来付款哦~最后就是 Review Order 了~

是不是超级简单呢~然后按 PLACE ORDER 即可!

当你完成事项,Lazada Malaysia 会发一个电邮到你的网址,来通知你的购买货物的 Status。有时觉得他们超级贴心的呢~之后呢,你就可以去到邻近的 7-11 付款,记得拿你的 Transaction ID & Verification Code给柜台的他们 scan 哦!


MOLPay Cash 不仅仅是拥有网上最安全的付款系统,目前还可以 24 小时无限时间在7-Eleven付款。想要了解 MOLPay,那么简单的付款方式,而且还是 Leading Payment in South East Asia 呢~ 想了解更多可以点击这里: 如果还是不了解,欢迎留言询问我吧!


Lazada Malaysia App download :
Play Store: com/store/apps/details?
App Store:

MOLPay Website: [ /cq0iAV]

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

[Review] Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

Have you guys using any electric trimmer before? Introducing one SAFE & SIMPLE hair removal tool for you, and I aim it for such a long time ago ❤

Here you go - Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer 👈👈👈

It produces quick & gentle vibration to cut of the hair, and it is super safe for me! No longer fear to of cuts again, especially using small knife or scissor.

Let's see in clearer picture of mine, unboxing first!

Tear from the ARROW. Then once the plastic layer is removed, then it will become something like this 😍😍😍

 In this Veet Sensitive Touch kit, it contain total of 8 items, included:

So yeah, how it going to be USE? It can use on 4 places on our body, included:
  1. Upper Lip & Chin
  2. Eyebrows
  3. Sideburns
  4. Bikini & Underarms
Yes, for me I will use a lot on eyebrowns & underarms, because that the place hair growing for non-stop, too productive perhaps? Nah it means I'm still young! LOL 😌😌😌

Same applying to my underarm armpit hair, as sometimes I used it to remove bikini hair line 😖😖😖 I never tried such a gentle shaved shaped electric trimmer! Even when you place your hand on the shaver, it won't cuts your hand 👍👍👍

So you can use on these 4 places, for girls; and sideburns for your hubby/bf as well ❤

Thats the safest electric trimmer that I ever use! It really gives me no fear of cuts, since Im really got the phobia of being cut 😆😆😆 Now I can easily cut & trim off my eyebrows and armpit hairs, no longer need to go saloon & spend money on them 😋

The small and big head you can use it to make ur hair cuts equally, so that's one point I like it as well. Especially on my eyebrows, so small head really help me a lot because I always got the mistake of over cut my eyebrows, end up with a hole there 😞😞😞

Any questions dont hesitate to ask me ya!

More information: