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Friday, August 19, 2016

NARUKO - NiuEr - Taiwan | Exclusively by Watsons

Hello everyone! Last Sunday I spent my precious morning to attend Naruko Beauty Talk by famous beautician - NiuEr, all the way from Taiwan. Thanks to BFF who invited me to this special event!

Let's know more about WHO IS NIUER.


He own total of 24 years of beauty & skincare experience, 7 years of skincare research experience, and collaboration with international work lab. They discovered the best skincare as all ingredients are from mother nature, products clinical tested/proven and safe to use in order to give everyone the most suitable & natural skincare products!

If you wish to know more about his products, pls click HERE. BTW he is only 49 years old this year! OMG OMG OMG, can you believe that? I thought he was 30+ at first!

Lots of NiuEr Fans & Media Bloggers attended this Naruko Beauty Talk exclusively by Watsons.

Naruko actually have lots of skincare series, as the most 2 famous products NiuEr recommended was

  • Raw Job's Tear Supercritical CO2 Pore Minimizing and Brightening Series
  • Jing Cheng Series

NiuEr talks a lot about his past, but the thing I wanted to share with you all is THE WAY HE THOUGHT US to APPLY SKINCARE PRODUCTS!

I got a very bad habit, after facial cleansing, I will just pour out the toner/moisturizer lotion onto my hand, and pat pat everything onto my face, lastly do a soft massage, then IM DONE!

This is SO WRONG.


LOL, NiuEr thought us that must apply on the cotton & follow his steps to apply. My jimui Christy do on the spot that day during this beauty talk, and lets see :D

The series I'm using is 'Raw Job's Tear Supercritical CO2 Pore Minimizing and Brightening Series - Moisturizing Lotion'. My pores getting slightly fairer, smaller & most importantly is my left side more lifting than right side! OMG OMG

Let's see how. Finally I purchase a better quality make up/skincare puffs from Watsons.

Let's begin!

Get 1 piece of your facial puffs, and pour on your toner/moisturizing lotion onto the puff. Don't be so stingy/kiamsiap to pour LOL

Ready to wipe it softly onto your face in the direction of the picture below. Each direction repeat 2-3 times. Remember most of the directions are going UP :D

I used 2 puffs to wipe on left and right face. And check what's on the puffs.

Slightly yellowish & dusty - OMG I just wash my face wei T___________T 
But don't care first, after cleansing - toner - moisturizing toner - serum. That's my daily skincare routine.

After few tries, not everyday lah, I can see my skin, especially my pores getting smaller, and my skin condition also become better. I plan to grab full series of Raw Job's Tear Supercritical CO2 Pore Minimizing and Brightening Series, because they work really magically!

Also, not too stingy on applying your skincare products onto your face, because you're actually investing your future LOL.

SO if you want to know the full steps of Naruko Skincare Series, remember to have a look over - or head on to any Watsons/Online Watsons to try them out, perhaps grab them on the spot!


More details:

Monday, August 15, 2016

[Review] Server Speed Checker by Bitcatcha

Talking about TIME, what's your thought for it? For me TIME is like gold, if you missed out any seconds, it will never go back to the time you want, NEVER.








Yes, this will definitely affects your website & dragging the TIME to those who visited your website. You even will miss out your *POTENTIAL SALES* or *CONVERSION*.
A faster website, means a better user experience.
When there's a better user experience, means the user is happier.
User happier, means he/she will sign up your mailing lists.
When your readers gain, then your page share or even views will increase!
More sales will come in indirectly.

That's a CHAIN actually!

Research has shown that:

Besides, GOOGLE shows that:
  • The quicker is your website, the higher of your rank in GOOGLE!

That's why Daren Low, FOUNDER of BITCATCHA, decided to make sure how FAST/SLOW is your website performing. 

There're 2 main factors that AFFECT your overall website LOAD SPEED.

  1. Server speed delivered by web-host
  2. Web design, cleanliness of code, cache, plugins, and visual media

Web hosting holds the single biggest responsibility for your performance of your website! 
- Daren Low.

So with real and tested date also start from your TIME analyze your website with a SERVER SPEED CHECKER by Bitcatcha. Your webpage views going to determine by how fast is your website going on.

To check your website, with simple steps:

Just head on to & paste your web address on the column & press go!

By entering your domain website, Bitcatcha will immediately will find the real IP address and resolve the DNS. In simple way, Bitcatcha actually locating the small corner of cyberspace which your website is sitting on.

Hence, Bitcatcha will send 8 different pings (8 different people visiting your website) to your server. They're from 8 global locations (New York, LA, London, Brazil, India, Singapore, Japan and Australia).

Loading ... Loading ... Loading ...

Yes, the result of my website is A+! Means there're not much of complicated stuffs at my website!
The time of these 8 'pings' are actually measured by Bitcatcha by median speed values. They calculated the average and present your website in the result of milliseconds, which shown in the picture above.

There's a simple explanation about my website that I'm really glad and lucky! Not every website can perform as A+ but remember just keep your website simple will do.

Next, Bitcatcha will show you the number measures up against the Alexa Top 10,000 Global Sites. That's super cool right?


Overall, Bitcatcha has made a brilliant and cheapest way to help every single website users to figure out any problem happening in your website, if your website is too slow. He also helps online shop to gain back shoppers confidence as well as happiness!

If your website slower than 200ms, it’s time for a change. Your web host might holding you back or your engine is too slow. Hence you are losing conversions and driving your Google search rank is down. For solution, you can get service from Bitcatcha, they're always ready to help!

You can check out how fast is your website, as I'm checking other famous online website like Lazada, Zalora, other famous blogger website like Let's see!

Perhaps they're targeting Malaysia users, what about internet website like AMAZON? Try jor let me know ;)

Wondering your website working FAST or SLOW? Try them NOW!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Time For Taiwan 2016 - Chef Dato Fazley

Last Sunday, I've attended an event - Time for Taiwan 2016! Guess what, the event special guest was handsome Chef Dato Fazley (Champion of Masterchef Celebrity Malaysia 2012)! The event is happening at Mid Valley, together with MITM Fair, on last weekend.

Yes, the event was promoting Taiwan, a dream place which I want to go very long time ago! Taiwan, for me is a food heaven, gorgeous views, superb weather & lots of things for me to discover.

Do you know approximately how much tourists visit Taiwan in a year? Total of 1049.9 million, and 43 million was Malaysian! Such a huge amount of tourists, no wonder Taiwan listed as World Top 5 country which is suggested to travel!

MC of the day!

From the information he given on the day itself, Taiwan actually moving towards to MUSLIM FRIENDLY country, so that for Muslim Tourists, they also can travel freely around Taiwan. They even got a small books for Muslim traveler!

Taiwan, always ready for Shop, Eat, Love, Two Wheels, Nature, Marvel!

Taiwan nowadays try to get more Muslim tourists by getting more mosque, bidet toilet and also HALAL restaurants with HALAL logo. So that Muslim tourists they can enjoy their vacation more in Non-Muslim country, no matter from places, culture or even food!

So, Chef Dato Fazley going to share how his experience when he travel to Taiwan on May 2016.

He said he tasted Po Bu Zi & Onsen Tamago at Taipei, and it is so special, other than that, he shows us all his favorite food during last visit in Taiwan! 

He loves Taiwan tea so much, and the event organizer present him a box of tea! How blissful he is. He also mentioned that Taipei is a very beautiful, clean and tidy town! Not only that, he mentioned that Taiwan is a modern, safe and comfort country, with friendly local people. He even feels touch when local people being so nice to him!

Besides all these sharing, this organizer also giving amazing lucky draw prizes to those who attended this event, included food vouchers, hotel vouchers, local Taiwan food and round trip flight ticket to Taiwan! Too bad I'm the lucky person who got it, but congratulation to all the winners!

Yes, so for Muslim tourist, going to have vacation at Taiwan no longer a dream! Though they're not fluent to speak English, they will still try their best to translate and help other people, that's the effort I like it!

Wish to visit Taiwan one day with my loved one!
Hereby attached with the news of the event by Taiwan Media :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

[Review] Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask by Innisfree

Woots, it's been quite a long time I didn't update about beauty products, and today I'm going to share my favorite Clay Mask - Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask by Innisfree.

I have been using it for few times and found out that it gives really nice after feeling!
My skin quite bad recently and you can see that my pores and skin redness of the day kinda of serious T______________T

It's time for mask! BTW what so special about this mask which is highly recommended among bloggers?

This super jeju volcanic mask contain of 6 BENEFITS! All in this MASK ;)
  • Contract pores
  • Control sebum
  • Exfoliate 
  • Deep cleanse
  • Brighten tone 
  • Cooling
  • Chemical Exfoliate & smoothes our skin - Super volcanic capsules help to remove sebum as well as exfoliates dead skin on our face! AHA elements gives chemical exfoliation & make our skin even smoother.
  • Deep cleanse & refreshing - Strong absorption of sebum and clay refreshes the skin and tighten the pores with it's cooling effect!
(Does not contain: Mineral oil, animal originated ingredients, artificial fragrance & imidazolidinyl urea)

Yes. this is after I used for few times jor, and the clay is in light gray colour & the texture is a bit hard (as the clay mask I used before was soft & mostly in concentrated liquid form)

To use this clay mask, you only need 5 STEPS:

1. Clean your face with ur daily cleanser
2. Apply toner as usual, as it gives better absorption over your next skincare application.
3. Apply the mask to your entire face,spread it until it cover up ur skin, avoiding eyes & lip area.

4. After 10-15 mins, then rinse off with lukewarm water using ur finger tips.

5. Apply ur daily skincare routine & You're DONE!!

Lets see the BEFORE and AFTER.

Before application, you can see that my pores are so big & uneven skin tone.

After application, my pores slightly smaller & smoother as well, uneven skin tone seems not much big different, but overall, my face shinier after Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask.

During application, you will feel a bit mint feeling, and time after time, clay tighten up ur face and you will feel ur face tighter LOL, can't even smile after 15 mins. Then, the next day you can see ur face actually brighter & nicer!

*Put clay mask (deep cleansing mask) before vacation can help you take nicer pictures during ur vacation holidays! Don't you see I'm prettier during vacation? LOL*

Suitable for: Combination Skin
Size: 100ml
Made in Korea

More information:

OR you can grab it at my Favorite Online Korea Store:

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

ALTHEA 1st Birthday! #AltheaTurns1

OMG OMG Althea turning 1 year old! 

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu,
Happy Birthday to Althea!

So what is Althea actually?
Althea is a ONLINE Korea Shopping Website - which sells lots of skincare and make up products all the way from Korea!

Now I can get my favorite skincare and make up stuffs from Althea, other than searching all their Korean Retail shop in order to get the things I want :)

Althea turns 1 year old Birthday celebration start from 20th until 31st July 2016! What's going to happen on these days?

1. Limited Edition Birthday Box + DIY Party Kit
Only available for order placed on 20th July 2016 onward. Im so exited to create my birthday hat, balloon & stick my favorite sticker onto my birthday hat!

While stock last!



2. Free Goodies for the FIRST 1500 Shoppers! 
Yes, FULL SIZE beauty products given! OMG where got a such awesome website which can give full size products to customers?

While stock last!

3. Birthday GIVEAWAY by 3 Top Seller for 100% REBATE! 
Do check out their website for further details on which products is giving away! All the rebate will be credited into your account & can use it for 2nd purchase.

Wish my favorite product is GIVING AWAY! Then I can get my favorite skincare for FREE!

4. #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest

Wish your Althea party kit, you can join #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest! OMG

With super easy step, just wish Althea HAPPY BIRTHDAY with #AltheaTurns1 and stand a chance to win amazing prizes!

DIY your own Party Hat :P

And selfie with them! Remember to wish them Happy Birthday!!

Now I got my Althea order! Can't wait to join this AMAZING CONTEST! No idea how to join? Just go to your instagram & search the hashtag of #AltheaTurns1 & you will see lots of amazing photos by Althea Users!

Place order TODAY & grabs your chance to win this cool prizes ever at Althea!

More details only at


Good Luck Everyone!