Sunday, April 17, 2016

[Review + Giveaway] Delicate Garment Soak by Kainda

Kainda, do you heard about this brand? For me, this is my first time approach and I'm exited for The World of Kainda!

Kainda means The Hunter's Daughter, which is a fierce warrior as well as noble leader who lead's others to a better world. Her natural instinct is to defend the living and the land's purity.

She also harnesses the power of natural environment to maintain both her home and mother natural. With the strong mind and intuitive by nature, she inspires other to follow her footsteps to save this world!

Yes, with the dreams and goals by Kainda, it will not only save our environment, but will create a lifestyle of perfect green living which is sustainable and easy to make a habit of everyone!

See what's arrive on my doorstep? It's Kainda parcel! So I got my Delicate Garmet Soak as it is Paraben-Free and Cruelty-Free!

So what is Delicate Garmet Soak?

  • Basically it is a gentle water-based  formula that penetrate and remove all the odor and dirt from inside out from all your hand-washables.
  • It is an intelligent and tender are for your delicate fabrics, especially lingerie and sport wears which I always use hand to wash them. Seriously every time after wash, I'm still not sure it is 100% clean not T.T But with this Delicate Garmet Soak, I'm no longer in worries!
  • Other than lingerie and sport wears, it is also can wash on knits, silk, nylon, cotton and spandex. It helps to nourish your hands while you soak and hand wash, leaves your cloth clean and hands moisturized.

How to USE?
1. Add 2-3 pumps to soaking container with my lingerie and sport wears. Then, gently swirl garments around.

2. Soak not longer than 30 minutes. Rinse and hang. Easy and simple right? :D

Yes, seriously I like the smell so much!

What you smell is the SAKINA fragrant, which will give you calm, light, refreshing that arouses your memories of blooming ROSE garden! Seriously it gives sweet and sensuous smell, and indirectly relax your mind and rejuvenate your spirit.

Other than that, their texture also soft and gentle over your hand.

After washing your clothes, you won't feel your hand is dry but surprisingly moist enough! Likey likey! Seriously suits those who're having sensitive hand and also allergy towards other XX brand.

Before I end this post, I'm going to GIVEAWAY 1 Delicate Garment Soak to 1 of my lucky reader just with 3 simple steps!

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  3. Comment at below that you're DONE

Terms and Condition:
  • Only for Malaysian resident.
  • Postage by winner.
  • Contest end on: 1st May 2016.

Good luck to all my readers! You might win yourself a Delicate Garmet Soak, for yourself, your gf/wife or even for your mum! Because we all wash clothes with our pretty hands :P


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Congratulation to Joyce Rachel Lee-Bates for winning my lastest GIVEAWAY! Do stay tune because going to do more giveaway <3 TQ everyone for joining ya! Love you all <3



  1. Reminded me of the Tarzan!

    Good luck to the participants.

  2. Most of garment soak really make our hand dry. But this one are not. Wow. That's good.

  3. Most of garment soak really make our hand dry. But this one are not. Wow. That's good.

  4. Done all to join! Thanks for the giveaway.

    It's great that I can moisturize my hands as well while washing. Most detergents make my hands sting..

  5. Never heard of this brand. Thanks for sharing.

  6. WAH! interesting wor... something like a fabric softener ah.

  7. Done
    Thanks for sharing
    never heard of the brand but would love to try :)

  8. This is very interesting! Would love to try my luck and win it! :)

  9. I've never heard of Kainda before. Good luck to all participants.

  10. Wow~ Nice giveaway! Good luck for those participants

  11. OMG I WANT! Liked and followed you dear . Since you love the scent so much, you got me curious of needing this one for myself.


    Now its time to keep my fingers crossed.

  12. Done! Haha babe I followed you since the first time we know each other. Great o have this product to wash out delicate items!

  13. Sounds like a new product in the market (i never heard of them) and promising. Jining the giveaway hehe :)

    Much Love... GreenStory

  14. This is nice especially for those delicate and expensive garments.

  15. Thanks for sharing about this brand! I think we all need delicate garment soaks since it'll be better for our skin. Good luck to those participating in the giveaway <3

  16. Never hear bout this brand before. Would like to try it due to its scent and moist. :)

  17. I think I need this product. Good that it is for sensitive skin.

  18. Done.... I know I am all pique and wanting to try this!!! Wishing myself and everyone else good luck... heheh

  19. Done! Would love to try this delicate garment soak to wash my lingerie too! Looks interesting hehe!

  20. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  21. Done, good luck to the rest who are joining! Something useful for all the girls since our lingerie is the most expensive item in our wardrobe

  22. i seldom ever use garment soak so this is new for me, good luck to all joining too

  23. I'm Done. Hope to win as I have sensitive skin and need a delicate to soak my garment

  24. nice for the ladies. These undergarments nowadays are so delicate, good they have special products like these to clean.

  25. Wow good giveaway. Goodluck guys!

  26. CONTEST CLOSED. Winner will be announce soon. TQ for participate <3