Sunday, September 11, 2011

BP journey

Awww Blogger change new format!! Nais!

well, i went to batu pahat to do some stuffs there!

Batu pahat is a town like sitiawan that i went with bf previously. Nais food everywhere.

Went to this Yong's steamboat garden. Like the food there! I miss the moment my bf take of the prawn's shell for me. He really can do it nicely without hurting the prawn, unlike me. Poor skills lol

Went to bread shop, hmm. Love this pinkish pig, there written 可爱的猪- means cute pig! :D

Really no idea why green pig will named angry pig, perhaps when pinkish pig angry then turn into green colour? O.o 
Wondering.. or maybe due to ANGRY BIRD :D

The whole journey is meaningful and really sorry to my dear that make him worry about me :)

BTW Local uni students all back to sch life already right?
Do enjoy ya! Happy Schooling day!!!