Friday, May 6, 2016

Fresh To Go by 7 Eleven Malaysia

Miss oversea's 7 Eleven?

YES, I miss Thailand 7 Eleven so much! As they got lots of variety of nice drinks and food for us to choose! BUT now, you can enjoy these nice food in Malaysia 7 Eleven by Fresh To Go!

Yes, they have tandoori, sandwich, burger, fried rice or even chicken rendang! Yums! :D

My first pick was Multigrain Chix Tandoori, because it looks very healthy as it got real chicken, vegetables and multigrain bread.

Then I saw they also have wholemeal sandwich! Not only that, they also have burger, chicken curry, chicken rendang, fried rice etc etc

It looks so delicious as I want to makan all of them! :P

Lastly, I took Baguetee Multigrain Chix Tandoori for my dinner at 7 Eleven yesterday night, because bf having overtime at office! 7 Eleven settled my dinner :D

After purchase then need to heat it up at microwave. BTW remember to remove the plastic before you put into microwave as it will melt the plastic!

As told by the 7 Eleven person in charge, tandoori only need to heat 40 seconds. Yes, after 40 seconds and it is done!

Yes, after microwave it, it taste surprisingly nice and a bit out of expectation! Kinda worth it with RM4.60 only! Yum yums! :P

Fresh, Good, and Tasty to Go ANYTIME! #sayamakandulu

Yes, I can taste all the freshness of this chicken tandoori! I like the fragrant butter smell so much, also thick tasty chicken breast also. I don't mind to makan it everyday! :P

So, after you tasted Fresh To Go food at 7 Eleven, do let me know how you feel, as I want to taste their other food like fried food or chicken rendang. Hiak Hiak.

OHYA their contest still running, check out the pic below for more info!


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  1. I remember going for a road trip and bought their food to eat on the go. Nice and convenient, also affordable!

  2. I couldnt find so much options in my nearby 7elevens T.T But it does look good

  3. Loving this.. I saw some interesting options at Publika recently... must go get some.. wish there were more options near my home

  4. wow this is good but sad not all outlet have. near me 2 outlets no sell.

  5. I've always buy fresh food from 7e whenever I want to start my journey to balik kampung. very easy no hassle and delicious too

  6. I should go and check all the fresh food there soon...the one that u hv bought look tempting... :)

  7. I'm always rush in the morning to go out for works, this is just nice for my quick breakfast and lunch :)

  8. Wow the chicken tandoori surprising looks good! Was it dry from being in the fridge though?

  9. This is really great to pick up when you are out and about on the go. Will certainly check them out at 7 eleven :)