Friday, January 3, 2014

People that I wanna say 'Thank You'

My name is Jacqueline Khoo.
I'm 2nd child of my family.

I'm isn't the girl that can get anything I want, when I was young.
Because we aren't from a rich family. Altogether we have 5 siblings, included me. Give birth to 5 kids, isn't easy. But my mum did it, and we live happily even though we're poor.

Until my youngest sister born, our family condition turns good a little bit, no longer suffer in ''rumah papan'', that's i can see snakes around my house!
Yeah, I was form 2, that time. And I only know start to getting know what's happen to my surrounding. I start to get mature.

Looks! That's me. I was with my grandmother!

I started to do housework, prepare lunch and dinner when i was 12 years old. What's to do, mum's order. Got a year, during Mother Day, I was decided to prepare a super luxury dinner for my mum! Because that day was her birthday as well. I go to pasar by bus, buying all my vegetables and meat myself. 
And come back home, to cook!
On that time, I was an independent girl, because of you, mum.

I was busy prepare my dinner for couples of hours, while my other siblings watching tv, play games and non of them helping me in the kitchen. I was alone. But Im not blaming anyone because I was in a super happy mood. I really love my mum, because she is so much softer, warmer, carer than dad.

But what's happen, after I finish and done my cooking, I was chilling in the dining room, I was super tired. Suddenly, mum shout at me, she said: Why you dont want to clean up the kitchen? You know? Like this, GOT NO GUYS GONNA MARRY YOU.

1st time, she shout this to me.
That's hurt me a lot. I start crying and crying and crying in the toilet. I hate them. Why they don't scold my other but me? I love you so much yet u shout at me. I cooked dinner for you yet you still so unhappy with it. I hate them so much on that time. Seriously, this memory hunt me for couples of years. 


My point of view that time - Mum loves other siblings more than me. 
But I know she loves me too, buy and cook whatever i want when I scores high marks during exam. 

But that incident I will never forget. Because I never confess to anyone.

Until last year,
I confess my sins to a priest, I said:
 I cant forgive myself for my pass incident, I do nothing wrong, but why she still wanna scold me. Pls let me know WHY.

Priest answers: 
Because she loves you, then she only want to scold you. She wants you get improve more, she wants you to be more independent, she dont want you to be lazy and she puts a lot of hope on you, and she really love YOU, in other way.

I was crying like hell when I heard this. My dad was there too. He said: 
Mum really loves every son and daughter she give birth to, including you. Same like daddy! She cares you when you sick, menstrual pain, before exam - she knows u gonna have struggle of ur study, so she cook chicken herb soup for you, she earn a lot of money because to support you in University next time, and so on so on. She sacrifice so much for you. Even Dad do so, because we love our children.

Yes, the moment..
I know i'm wrong, super wrong, super duper wrong already. I shouldn't be so stubborn.


Well, I had say sorry to my mum, for everything I had done. I promise I will love you more than I do. 
Our relationship are so much stronger than before, chit chat almost everyday even-though we are so far apart. 
Thank you mum, for making me such a lovely and caring girl, awesome girl, independent girl as well. If dont have you in my life, my life wont be so WONDERFUL. Miriam Chan, She is my mum, the most grateful people in my life!

Opps! and I LOVE YOU TOO, DAD 

Remember, parents scold you because they love you, each parents love their child, like God love us. :)
*my tears drop like water pipe btw i manage to finish this post!*

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She is my most grateful, most amazing MUM in this world!
Happy 2014! *Happy Reading too*


  1. That is super touching and a great story u made. And of course thats life. You made yourself so tough. Bravo! Keep it on tough girl! U will get a better life!

  2. William: TQ ;) It's my real true story