Thursday, January 9, 2014

Phuket Vacation Part 3 - 2013

Believe or not. Im having insomnia today. LOL
Over stressed and unable to distressed myself. In prolonged period it can cause mood swing, depression, and might lead to psychology problem!

Gonna start my workout soon since CNY still leftt 3 weeks, to release my stress as well!

Stop talking nonsense now. Im gonna update my Phuket Trip Part 3

Phuket sky! Pretty right?

We r heading to PhiPhi Island! #S4
Found that S4 can capture super nice picture than my camera T____________T

Super exited as SECOND TIME wear 2 piece bikini to beach! My FIRST time was with my Vinc too! At Perhentian, 4 years ago from now. Such a big gap btw. 

After took this pic, my bf respond was: U look prettyyyy but me leh? :P
U always look handsome in my heart btw oh dear!

出卖他下 :P

啊哈哈哈 超阳光!
Paiseh arh I think express better in chinese D:

Our #OOTD :P

I makan 2 magnum icecream on boat, I have no idea why i craving so much during that time. Seriously I never makan magnum in Malaysia! That time the price was 550 bath, convert to RM is like RM5.50? Come back here i check for the price is RM4.30 D:

Wondering why it cost RM6 in my mind one?

Such a beautiful environment!
BTW half way to PhiPhi Island we did stop half way to dive! Thought I can dive but seriously I just play for 15 mins then get up to that big boat jor. Unlike bf he dive till forgot me! :(

But he still save me when I almost SOB lol
I still cant swim for a longer period, guess my cardio isn't have enough endurance!


Water is clean and can look through it. If people sell bread there remember to buy! I have no idea at first what's the bread for? Actually is for feeding the fish, colourful fishes you can see over there!

Pretty right?

Too bad just play awhile and heavy rains come and say HI to us T_________________T
But my bf still play during raining lol

Seriously we didn't manage to take picture because it was a hurry day!
After PhiPhi Island we go back to Phuket and it takes 1 hour to reach. I slept inside till we reach. Then we go for Phuket Pasar Malam. Again i ter-put my camera inside my bf's friend bag.

No picture. Super regret laaa.

After that, we went for DRINK.

We just go there to drink! Because it is most reliable and valid. lol

Our night just end like that, listening to Live Band with cocktail, alcohol and songs!
Enjoyable night ever, with my bf.
BTW I went back earlier because was so tired, he still energetic thou till 2am just reach home -.-

A great place to go!
Dating Family Friends all ngam ngam :)

*Happy Reading*


  1. wow! great trip ( : and the sea looks so clear!

  2. Woo great..
    I really liked the place, and want to visit again..
    If you are thinking to plan a trip to Thailand view

  3. 1 hour to reach. I slept inside till we reach.

  4. Seems you had a ton of fun going around to Phi Phi island. I too am planning some phuket excursions for myself and my family. We hope to have a wild time in there, an adventurous time.

    1. Yea, love that place so much! Btw krabi also a nice island to visit, do enjoy ya my dear!