Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Magnum Cafe Mid Valley

For my past few weeks, I went to our very FIRST Magnum Cafe in Malaysia, which located in Mid Valley!

Was waited for so long and finally tasted it!

BUTTTTT do you know how long we had been waited? 45 mins T-T

This Magnum Cafe located on the top floor of Mid Valley, right beside GSC Cinema! Ohh there're two floor Magnum Shop, Upper floor - Magnum Cafe which allow dine in, Lower floor - Magnum store which allow take away!

Finally I'm here!

Let's see how it looks like! Super classy design to match up this classy ice cream!

Lots of people on the day it self, so I dont really take down any pictures T___________T
*Find one more day, not weekend not holiday I will go there again to take more pictures for my favorite Magnum Cafe*

My bf ordered Magnum Galaxy! If you don't like black sesame, pls don't order this as this might freak you out! LOL, was talking about my bf because he really dont like & most of the yummy desserts out of order on the day itself. Kinda sad right?

You have to mix the cake, together with the cream, and jam, if possible the ice cream? Mix them up and you will find it out actually it taste kinda special where you might not get this taste from other place! Isn't cool?


I ordered fruity loops! As I really love fruits! You can either order white chocolate vanilla magnum or black chocolate vanilla magnum! I love all of them! Combination of dry fruits with goji berries really make the ice cream taste more perfect, you can smell the fragrant of those yummy mango! ;)


And my jimui Christy order super goji! Tried 1 bite and taste so good with white chocolate liquid on top!


For me, this shop is worth for a try as it really taste so special as you cant try all of these outside, and it is kinda pricey - CONSIDERED AS HIGH CLASS HIGH TEA PLACE?


If you got no place to bring your partner during this holiday, or greeting seasons? Just try this Magnum Cafe! You wont regret ;) Any questions just drop me a comment or email me! Enjoy your beloved desserts!

More information
Map: Here
Operation Hour: 10am - 10pm

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