Monday, December 22, 2014

[Review] Annie's Way Paper Mask - Anti Acne

It's been long long time I didn't touch with paper mask already since after I finished my KOSE mask last few months. My face turns so terrible (pimple say HI to me!) one week before menstrual T_________T

AND I'm so lucky that I win 3 Annie's Way Paper Masks from Annie's Way Malaysia! Such a lucky girl *hehehehe*

2 Anti Acne Annie's Way Paper Masks and 1 Whitening Annie's Way Paper Mask! Can't wait to try them all! ;) 

Before I apply this paper mask, I use my Aloe Vera Anti Acne Jelly Mask to make a full cleanse of my bad skin recently! 

I reviewed it before and I really really love it lah. Here's my link - (Hope you guys enjoy it, and know how to differentiate the real and fake one*)

After used Annie's Jelly Mask my face will look a bit red due to all the dirt are forcefully cleaned by it, wondering how is it? CHECK MY BLOG out ;)

After that, I must need some mask to calm/repair my face! ---> Anti Acne Annie's Way Paper Mask! 

Can see how thin is the paper mask layer! And very watery, not like other mask! I feel so so comfortable after applied this mask, and no alcohol contain, which gives you uncomfortable feelings.

Maybe my facial organ too wide (as always complaint by my bf due to uneven size LOL), and causing the mask not fixing my face perfectly. T__________________T I saw other bloggers they can fix the paper mask nicely on their face! Or actually my own problem?

During applying mask, you also can MASSAGE your on your face to give better absorption ;)


Yeahh, finally I'm done! Total for making these whole treatment took me around 1 hour, which also give saloon effect at the end! ;)

Super thin layer and easy absorbed by my skin. Feel so much moisture and doi doi :D

And the great news is the next day my pimples all gone, and it undergo scars building! No more acne popping which I hate the most! Yayyy!

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Anything you can WECHAT the seller or drop me a comment! I will reply you ASAP! Have fun!

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  1. Looks good ^^

    1. Tenshi: Yeap. Hehe. Can try it out next time ;)