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Celebration of Note Legacy - Samsung Galaxy Note5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 | Next is Now | The most powerful and beautiful version to date ;)

The Note Legacy is a reflection of FIVE outstanding years since Samsung created its Galaxy Note Series. It comes with larger display screen, incomparable S pen which other phones don't own it, and multitasking capabilities! All these amazing functions definitely make my life so much easier ;)

Galaxy Note famously known as bigger has always been better, that's why I'm always into Galaxy Note family! Revolution of Galaxy Note Family since 2011 - Galaxy Note1, 2012 - Galaxy Note2, 2013 - Galaxy Note3 & 2014 - Galaxy Note4! They're getting incredible year by year, seriously I wish I can change and get myself updated from year to year as well!

And NOW, in the year of 2015, Samsung gonna launch brand new of Galaxy Note5, which is the most awaiting phone as well as everyone's dream phone! 

Everyone is waiting for the most advance Note - Galaxy Note5 in its series today. Every Note Samsung created is more powerful than last and today, the legacy lives through, a new breakthrough - Galaxy Note5


There're total of 3 Consumer Launch over Malaysia!
  • KUALA LUMPUR - Orange Concourse, Sunway Pyramid from 4 Sept to 9 Sept 2015
  • PENANG - Main Concourse, Gurney Plaza from 4 Sept to 6 Sept 2015
  • JOHOR BAHRU - Level 3, Concourse, Sutera Mall from 4 Sept to 6 Sept 2015

Today's Consumer Launch Roadshow at Orange Concourse, Sunway Pyramid is happening with Malaysian Artistes to welcome the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note5

For 5th Sept, Thomas & Jack as well as Winson attended Sunway Pyramid Consumer Launch Roadshows at 2pm and 5pm respectively. A lot of their fans also coming along to support them and Note5 too! Remember to catch Najwa Latiff and Mad August on 6th Sept! ;)

Today, I met Mad August on 5pm Sunway Pyramid Consumer Launch Roadshows! Woots! Checked their Facebook and Youtube, they're really talented in their singing! They really need more support from Malaysian!

They're performing 2 songs altogether! Nice nice! Manage to catch up with them and took a group photo with them ;)

Note Legacy in Malaysia began in the year of 2011, with 5 inspiring stories that formed the Note Legacy (where 5 icons come with :P) 

In 2011, Samsung worked with Yuna to create and compose her first ever music video, Sparkle, and soon or later it was shot and animated entirely on Galaxy Note2. Aaron Aziz build the Note story with his involvement in the year of 2013, whereby he inspired Malaysia fans to follow their dreams through his notes as well as widen their horizons indirectly.

Creativity was then seen at the finest in the year of 2014, when Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina, Lynn Lim and Jinnyboy together with his partner Reuben took the S Pen functionality of the Note4, to the higher level of productivity, as well as share their personal 'LIVE' arts through their social media!

Ohya, talking about S Pen, it is also changed entirely from Note to the most recent, Note5. Now Note5 have the fully improved S Pen and design to make us ready to handle whatever life!

New S Pen gives more solid and balanced feelings in user's hand, as well as offering improved writing capabilities and a variety of practical tools. Just with an unique clicking mechanism over the S Pen, it will popping out the S Pen out with just one quick click. 

Alsoo, smoother S Pen definitely!

Most impressive part is now you can quickly jot down every ideas come into your mind or any important information when your screen is off without even unlocking the phone! Pretty cool huh?

Other than that, you also can unleash your creativity! Draw whatever in your mind, or perhaps you can design your outfit or interior design?

Really tempted to get myself a new phone! But first who want my NOTE4? 

Now actually you can trade-in them and get yourself a NOTE5! Check them out at HERE.

Grab them now at Samsung Galaxy Note5 Roadshows:

  • Note1 - RM200 
  • Note2 - RM600 
  • Note3 - RM800
  • Note4 - RM1150 
  • Other phones: HERE

  • [4 Sept to 9 Sept 2015] KUALA LUMPUR – Orange Concourse, Sunway Pyramid
  • [4 Sept to 6 Sept 2015] PENANG – Main Concourse, Gurney Plaza
  • [4 Sept to 6 Sept 2015] JOHOR BAHRU – Level 3, Concourse, Sutera Mall

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  1. Ooooh you should have traded in your Note4 - how much would it cost with if you decided to upgrade?

  2. Oh my... it looks just so amazing I am feeling tempted... Hehehe.. Samsung has the best designs sometimes....

  3. I try the Note 5. i love the camera effect and the phone lighting is so nice. The price is reasonable compare to Samsung S6

  4. Am agonising over this this or Galaxy S6 Edge. Both are actually out of my budget at the moment but there's no harm dreaming, right?

  5. Really impress with the functioning of the phone. Wanna get myself 1 soon

  6. recenlty fall in love with GOLD colour phone, lol.. Samsung keep trend updating time to time, great to hear that!

  7. Sounds like everyone went to the launch of samsung... Grand event.

  8. Though i am not a fan of samsung but the comparison and details you have mentioned here are brilliant. I might consider this for my next purchase.

  9. Ohhh... lucky you get to take pic with Mad August. Not a fan of Samsung, but here I am tempted to get the Note5 as well. Geez....

  10. wow so nice, saw you posting many pics of this on fb. I am still using NOte 2

  11. I love the new Galaxy Note5 so much! Now I am hoping I will get one in my coming Birthday hehehe

  12. Saw lots of your photos on this new Samsung in your FB. I like the gold one very much. But just bought ipad mini 3, no money to change my phone d...wait till I have my savings for it : ) Cheers,

  13. Samsung has made quite a tremendous amount of improvement over the years. The Galaxy Note 5 looks very promising, will definitely look forward in checking it out soon :)

  14. this is definitely a nice phone from samsung, haha but i'm a loyal apple fan

  15. Looks like you are having fun in their launching event. I hope to buy it but now is not the time yet because I have other things for money use. But I wanted to try other brand hp though xD

  16. Samsung Note has definately left a legacy in Malaysia, from the initial one to this awesome Note 5.

  17. Happening event with such a cool gadget! I have been waiting for this to upgrade from my old phone :)

  18. The phone looks gorgeous! No wonder people were insanely lining up to purchase the other day. Love your write up babe ;)

  19. Looks great. Function wise it is cool too. Unfortunately I lack funds for it. Lol

  20. I have been waiting for Note 5 super long time! Was excited when watching the official launching video. And then, was even excited when knowing it was launching last week. Went to the launch but back with disappointment. =( Awesome feature upgrade but doesn't look good outside. Still prefer my Note 3's outlook more.


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