Monday, September 7, 2015

[Review] Natural Volume Attack Mascara by SkinSoul

Talking about MASCARA, do you think it is important as part of your make up routine? Definitely YES for me. Without mascara, your eyes are lacking of attractiveness.

Introducing Natural Volume Attack Mascara by SkinSoul to all of you today. I love simple and natural make up as it gives comfortable look to us all of the time.

What's so special about this MASCARA?

  • Key ingredient made from Mulberry Root Extract which can nourishes and strengthens lashes deeply
  • Lash Curling Complex added in this mascara can promotes natural lasting curls

This mascara contain soft wand applicator which allow us to apply on every single lashes!

Mulberry Root Extract 
  • It is a natural ingredient derived from mulberry root bark
  • Used in centuries in traditional medicine for its ability to promote metabolism and stimulate hair growth (contain high level of Vitamin C and Antioxidant properties)
Lash Curling Complex
  • Extraordinary secret by SkinSoul and synergistic blend works deeply into the roots of your lashes which prolongs the curling effect

Result in making eye lashes fuller, longer as well as own back its beautiful curled lashes!

Normally I will put mascara as last step for my daily make up routine. How about you guys?

Last step, look up & apply your mascara in upward motion. You can look closer to mirror to make sure every single lashes is filled with mascara!

And you're DONE! My eyes look so natural with this Natural Volume Attack Mascara!

Let me show you BEFORE and AFTER.

Comment: My eye lashes grow a little bit longer after 1 WEEK use! Can't wait to use more to see my eye lashes growing longer and more natural! Until now I still apply it everyday, and YES I like this mascara so much, as it is easy to remove using make up remover!

*Thumbs Up*

BTW, they also got a lot of other cosmetic product such as:
  • SkinSoul Duo Power Foundation
  • SkinSoul Velvety Liquid Foundation
  • SkinSoul Natural Brow-Licious Pencil
  • SkinSoul Everlasting Smudge-proof eye liner
  • SkinSoul Sheer Highlighter Blush
  • SkinSoul Moisturizing Skin Perfect Concealer
  • SkinSoul Skin Perfect Concealer
  • SkinSoul Velvety Eyeshadow
  • SkinSoul The Lover Lip Color

Before I end my post, there's a Good News of SkinSoul to my readers:
  1. Free Trial Skincare set (worth RM100) with purchase above RM100 at SkinSoul outlet
  2. Purchase full set of SkinSoul SkinShield Traveling set only at RM388
  3. Purchase 2 SkinSoul Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes and walk away with a limited edition (not for sale) SkinSoul lip balm


Grab Skin Shield™ Skincare Range now at SkinSoul Outlets, there's a brand new branch at Mid Valley now! As there's dramatic transformation proven within 1 hour of use!

Only RM195 and you can own your long and natural eye lashes!
*Say BYE BYE to eye lashes extension*


  1. wow...your lashes look super long & thick. I shall give this a try too.

  2. Nice stuff, But there's so many varieties of brands out there. I'm sure it's pretty tough for you ladies to choose.

  3. Nice le. Perhaps should give a try

  4. Always pass by their outlet but never go in and take a look on their product. The mascara look not bad and really make your eyelash look long.

  5. Tried this and I am loving it. My eyelashes are getting longer now.

  6. Love to see how effective it was on your lashes. Great that there's something that really works!

  7. i like the way it works! awesome!

  8. This is a good mascara . i also love it.

  9. Wow the effect is so obvious! Time to change my mascara loo

  10. Sure does look good on you. Can see the effect though, makes your lashes looks thicker with more volume!

  11. The effect is very apparent! Mascaras irritate my eyes though :(

  12. Incredible results. Will try this out soon.

  13. Wow it looks so much thicker after 1 week of using it! :D looks like it works well for you babe

  14. It is giving you a great result with thick and long eyelashes. Simply perfect to use everyday.

  15. Your lashes looks really long! Tempt me now i wanna try it too 😂😂😂

  16. omg your natural lashes are thick and long! *jelly* Looking great! :D

  17. Look so much different before after. Great product. Thank sharing.

  18. I'll put this into my consideration list when buying maskers. Looks like it is not too shabby.

  19. Looks lovely Jac :) After anything to enhance the lashes is always a fab thing. Will keep this product on my checklist in the meantime.

  20. The mascara looks great on you. Mades you look more pretty and beautiful now.

  21. Such a lovely mascara.. I'm loving this product! Nice!

  22. Longer lashes! Looks so pretty after using it. I love this mascara so much but haven't been start blogging about it TT

  23. really does give that extra volume and thickness to the usual look. thumbs up to another good review jacqueline.

  24. Heard so much about this brand, would really like to try it out too one day for pretty make up :)

  25. so many people are not using this brand mascara, it's really proven to work for me too.

  26. Yup. Tried that out. Really amazing with really great results. Love this mascara.


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