Thursday, March 10, 2011

A day with NOTHING! :'(

This morning i was giving some favours to myself! But lastly it end up with NOTHING! wth.
1. Take Hepatitis B injection
2. Repair my doll shoes
3. Going SS2 for korean value lunch set *RM9++*

Sobs sobs! This morning i woke up at 7am smth, then Christy and Joey already in front of PPUM (Pusat Perubatan University Malaya). I'm still busying with make up *actually just put on eye liner* LOL.

All busy act cute lol, this picha took when we came out from sunway pyramid. :D

Okay, today story begin with ...... 3 of us take bus from Jalan University then direct to University LRT. Next we heading to Kelana jaya. No injection can take there! Gov only provide vaccination to their hospital staffs! Damn angry cause what PPUM staffs told us actually is a wrong information. Well, next we decide another plan! :S

The curve and One utama r too far for us to go. ><''
Ultimately we went to Sunway Pyramid. Today all money spend on public transport. fml. hate it.
We went there for Mcd and Red Box. Sunway always crowded with lots of human.

Oppsss! what they looking? Hmmm, their face look damn cute! Perhaps many leng zai around Sunway that they cant stop themselves to star! :D
Sorry >< 

Okaysssss.... Im really scare they wil angry me nao! Turn them back to normal. 

LOL, how cute and charming are they? :P
Well. we just have Mcd lunch set to fill my stomach. Nothing cheap food at Sunway already. 

Try to gain weight i think so. ><'' wth im eating now? Fast food is super nais and convenience also what. isn't?

LOL, i know im fat enough! LOL

Well, u can check their facebook, they're couple *in relationship to each other!!* lol lol lol
I dunno which one is hubby and wify lah. ><''

Next we heading to Red Box.. This picha took at toilet yucksssss
Just try to relax ourselves cos we damn bek cek due to everything happen not smoothly. :(

We sing a lot of songs. Practising. LOL, next time sing in front of a lot of ppl then wont paiseh liao, need to practise more eh. :S Until now i still not able to sing real and fake?! sound. ><
Go back remember practise the songs that i remind u all in Red Box!! Endless story especially!! :D
Dunno y and how we get free voucher again! 

LOVE RED BOX!!! muacksssss

After that, we go back Jalan University using rapid bus. That's all from today! We din complete our favour!:'( Maybe today is not our day! LOL

OPPSSS! Joey's face cut jor. Here is another normal one. Paiseh. sorry for my poor ss skill. :P

BBF <3 <3 <3

Okiess, then go back UT, then rest, bath, eat and blog! That's how i undergo my one day! Seriously it really make myself feel useless lor!

ohya.. continue with another 2 points. (FAVOUR LIST)
4. Completing my CR and PIC assignment
5. CR notes fml

Peepssss, dun kill me, i will motivate myself to complete all these tasks!:D

Night Night, sweet dream~~