Monday, May 30, 2016

[Review] Dr. Morita Mask | 森田药粧面膜

MASK is a must for our daily/weekly skincare routine in order to keep us young, don't u think so? :)

Today I'm going to introduce you all - Dr. Morita Mask | 森田药粧面膜, originated from Taiwan. It has been listed as No. 1 Paper Mask in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and I have 2 series of Dr. Morita masks with me now :P

Pearl Whitening Facial Mask (left)
Face-Aid Kit (right)

Before going into details, I'm going to introduce what is Dr. Morita Mask. It is famed for its ultra-effective pharmaceutical grade facial masks. The team of Dr. Morita has focus on 83 years of research and development in order develop the best mask for all of us.

There're few types of extensive range of Dr. Morita facial mask which gives instantly visible effect on skin for hydrating, whitening, repairing, soothing as well as anti-aging.

Dr. Morita also awarded as Best Facial Mask in 2008 and 2009 from the Watson pharmaceutical chain stores in Taiwan. It is also become a very famous brand in Hong Kong and Taiwan in less than 2 years! That's sound incredible right?

So, let me introduce the first mask

-  Pearl Whitening Facial Mask -

It contains 5 pieces of paper mask :)

Main ingredients:
Tranexamic Acis - whitening and brightening up the skin
Pearl Powder, Maris Sal (Hydrolyzed Pearl) - dilute the dull and brighten up skin tone
Alpha-Arbutin - Keep skin bright and clean
Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) - Gives moisture effect, sustainable all day hydration & makes the skin supple, firm and smooth

Usage instruction:

As usual, just after cleanse your face, apply toner first (helps in better skin absorption), then only apply your mask for 10-15 mins.

Normally when I apply mask, I will fully rest my face and body on the chair, with setting the alarm for 15 mins. Ohya, you can see their mask sheet is thin and stick nicely on my face, and most importantly it fits quite nice on my face (some mask too small :P)

Actually after feeling of apply this mask kinda fresh, but it is a little little bit sticky if you don't massage the excessive essence fully absorbed into your skin.

I'm sensitive type of skin but surprisingly I'm suitable to use it too! So, yeah if your acne problem is controlled, you may try out some whitening mask which works quite amazingly :)

- Face-Aid Kit -

Another box of Dr. Morita mask sheet is Face-Aid Kit.

It is the starter pack with travelling case included 3 kind of these masks (left to right):

  • Narcissus Whitening Essence Ultra Slim Facial Mask
  • Collagen Repair Essence Facial Mask
  • Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Essence Facial Mask

1. Narcissus Whitening Essence Ultra Slim Facial Mask
  • Contain different effective ingredients from Ultra Slim Series to enhance and nourish skin. It helps to moisture, whiten, repair and refine pores.
2. Collagen Repair Essence Facial Mask
  • Contain hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptides and platinum for repairing, rejuvenating, firming and anti-aging. It helps to smooth out dryness and fine lines for youthful appearance.
3. Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Essence Facial Mask
  • Contain hyaluronic acid which gives basic skincare such as moisturizing, whitening, repairing and firming.

Usage Instruction: 
Same as usual, cleanse your face and apply our daily skincare routine - toner.

Then only apply the mask you want, according to the needs of your day! I choose collagen repair essence facial mask, love the texture of the mask :)

Personally love collagen repair essence facial mask (the orange colour) because after come back from Bali, my skin terribly dry, and having a bit of sun burn after hot sun.

But with Dr. Morita mask, my skin repaired, rejuvenate, firm up after application! So, remember to keep 1 Face-Aid Kit in your HELP box, in case you need them :P

They known as The Doctor Knows Best Mask :D

Dr. Morita complete range of products now are exclusive at Guardian worldwide pharmacy!!

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