Monday, February 27, 2012

Useless post =__=''

Again, my exam and assignment summation date is next 2 weeks. Die.

I felt so stress until i dunno how to let it go. Perhaps this is the main cause that make me get the bruxism. Sigh no wonder i lost my tooth so frequently. I had spend $$$ to do teeth treatment! wth

How's ur previous valentine?
well, i  received 12 roses and we celebrate it at mamak stall cos most of restaurants are full as we wait for hours the food still not coming yet\. What a wonderful and unforgetable night. lol

With my dear! Hehe <3

After that, im so busy with my photoshooting and study life. Of cos dating life! as my bf had move to KL. Can see him as often as i can. LOL

Well this is my recent shoot by Takumi ;)
Actually this shoot is took in raining time, as the sunset just in front of me. But too bad cos cant get the sunset snap! :(

I like this photo! OL style is so lovely! ;)

Soon next month i will shoot more photos with my jimui <3
Thanks to all my photographers!

What theme going next?

Vintage?! @@

I wish we can take gyaru style! Still surveying! xD

Dunno? Wait and see! I have no idea too!

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