Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

Iron Man 3

Here is the trailer! Is a must to watch this movie!! :)

How could i customize the IRON MAN suit to make it extra special and what would i name it? Well, i'm gonna screw my brain and check this out.



OK, after combine it. Im gonna named it FASCINATION of IRONULTRA-MAN.

Yeah, that's my FASCINATION.
I got the feelings of combining of IRON and ULTRA man because...

In my childhood memories, ULTRAMAN save a lot of ppl, especially saving residents during monsters attack, as well IRONMAN he save ppl from being hurt, kill and etc etc.
This are their similarity, and that's why the combination both of them give greater and extra strong of power to save the world effect, and they are RED.

*That's why i give LOVE flake effects to Fastination*

Yeah i was waiting this movie pretty long already. My bf and i cannot wait to see this movie!
Was waiting for super duper long. :P
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  1. Lol I know a bit funny but I can't think more than that. See u on this premier screening!! :P