Sunday, September 22, 2013

My blog was HIBERNATED!

Look my latest blog post!
IT WAS ONE and A HALF MONTH before. 
Yeah, we are having clinical placement at HOSPITAL BENTONG for my 7th HOSPITAL training!

Seriously it was awesome, though the whole 6 weeks was super tiring and wishing it really can end faster. However, too bad we already miss all my physio, patients and friends during 5th week. T_____T

*really wish we can go back there for 8th placement*

Me, Muguntha, Puan Zaiton (HOD of Hospital Bentong), and Christy!

With KIST students!

Aww. Too bad we din manage to take with other batch of ICAN students! :(

But previous batch yes!

Real fun with them. So talkactive and hope our friendship can last ever! ;)


And u know what, yesterday I was hanging out with Christy and we met Muguntha at Mid Valley! Felt quite weird cos we have the same feeling like we r going to placement again! NOOOOOOOOOOOO

I need to rest for awhile. lol
Too busy during clinical placement. 

(I look so different with hair and without hair *tied all up* lol)

I think i need to practice using back CAMERA for taking pictures. Phone camera still have it's own limitation.  

Will do more updates for BENTONG food. Cant wait. Food paradise over BENTONG, PAHANG. 


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