Thursday, September 18, 2014

[Review] Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse

Hi there. Again, I'm doing beauty review! Exited right?

I love skincare product so much as I really scare how I'm look like when I'm getting older T______T God pls let me stay young!

Anyway, today I'm going to review OxySolution Mousse by Beauty Talk 美人语. Once again, TQ HiShop for giving me this opportunity for me to try out this amazing Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse!

Appreciate it so much!

Okay, here's OXYSOLUTION MOUSSE by BEAUTY TALK, it rinses away impurities from your face gently & enhance facial care!

The new Beauty Talk Oxysolution Mousse is a non-irritating cleanser & make up remover specially design for fragile skin or minor abrasions on skin. It is gentle as WATER & non-irritating as it can applied around your eyes!

It attached with English & Chinese language information sheet! :D

Let's see what's inside!

What so special about it?
- It designed in mousse form & applied with liposome conduction technology employs tiny molecules to thoroughly clean dermal impurities as well as make up.
- Rich oxygenating essences & moisturizing factors penetrate deep within your skin to make it active the dermal cells from the inside out!

- Cleanses
- Remove Make up
- Moisturizes
- Nourishes
- Oxygenates Skin
(No surfactant applied & No need to rinse off)

Main ingredients?
- Perfluorodecalin
- Trehalose
- Sorbitol
- Cucumber Extract
- Aloe Extract

Who can use it?
- All type of skin, especially dry & sensitive skin

How to use?
1. Removed Non-Waterproof makeup
Apply desired amount of Oxysolution Mousse to cotton pad and removed the makeup, repeat this application until impurities is entirely removed (cotton pad is totally clean without any impurities shown). Rinsing with water is required.

2. Double Cleansing Effect
For heavy makeup user may use Oxysolution Mousse as a second cleanser to clean up the impurities, it may used to prevent breakouts, blackheads, clogged pores and keep the skin hydrated.

3. Remove Dead or Unhealthy Skin 
Apply appropriate amount Oxysolution Mousse to cotton pad and gently wipe the entire skin surface to remove the dead or unhealthy skin. Rinsing with water is optional, as it also act as toner!

Okay, this is my turn to show my face, I use 3rd option to remove dead skin & healthy kin. Teehee!
After wake upppppp.. Show my face a little bit. Oily, not shinny, and dark spot everywhere.

Step 1: Wash your face with your daily cleanser! After wash my face, here's my face with the mousse!

Not oily now but I still cannot see my shinniness on my face! Still a lot of dark spot, in chinese they said 乌云把我给遮住了 T__________________________T
Okay, now I'm gonna use this magic mousse!

Step 2: Press on the bottle to create foamy lather on cotton pad

How's it look like on my hand? Mousse alike lah. LOL

You need to use cotton pad & gently wipe the entire skin surface to remove the dead or unhealthy skin.

Step 3: Gently use cotton pad & wipe the entire skin surface to remove the dead or unhealthy skin.

Here's the result on the cotton pad! Still have dirts even though I washed my face T____T

After wipe with cotton, hows my face look like?

Just a moment. Let's see the different! It is optional for you to rinse away OxySolution or not. But for me I use it as toner as double cleanses!

Yeahhh, You can see the effect instantly after application. No longer have dark spot & my skin lighter a TONE. *happy*
So this is the before & after! Here's a better comparison! ;)

(Warning - Pls stop use & consult a doctor is you're having discomfort & irritation after using it)

Product information:
Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse
RM105 RM94.50
1 bottle click here: link

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More information:

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  1. Ohh my! :3
    I like that it can be used for all kinds of skin types! C:

  2. Paige Mckinnon: Yeap, it is suitable for all type of skin include sensitive skin!