Thursday, January 15, 2015

[Review] GARNIER - Sakura White Series

Hi everyone!

If you're reading my blog ever since I start blogging, then you must realize that I'm having super sensitive skin, and I will avoid all WHITENING Skin Care Product because whenever I start using it, my pimples all pop out and say HI -.-

Recently my skin getting better, and today I would like to review Garnier Sakura White series, which is suitable for sensitive skin as well. TQ Garnier for giving me this product to try it out during last Christmas Party, by The Butterfly Project

Before trying out this product, I'm having kinda black tone, a lot of dark spot and big pores after STRESS, LACK OF SLEEP or other hidden reasons. LOL. So I started to use it on early January 2015, can't wait to see the result, to be prettier this year!

Selfie with Garnier Sakura White - Pinkish Radiance Gentle Cleansing Foam and can see my facial skin is almost same with my hand colour T__________T

There're only 2 steps to get nearer to FAIRER skin!

Garnier Sakura White - Pinkish Radiance Gentle Cleansing Foam

- A cleansing foam with luxury Sakura Extract from Japan.
- It cleanses the skin deeply and gently to reveal fresh and pinkish radiant complexion.
- It is gentle enough and suitable for SENSITIVE skin like me :P
Dermatological tested and carefully designed for Asian skins

- Just get 10 cents big of foam liquid then it is more than enough.
- After that, wet your hand and gently do circulation motion on your skin with your palm all over your face. 

I kinda like it because the fragrant of sakura make me feel comfortable after I woke up in the morning or the night before I sleep. It is not a very bubble foam type, and it is quite moisture compare to other whitening products.

- Remember to wash it thoroughly ya ;)

Step 2:
Garnier Skin Radiance - Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream

- A moisturizing cream with SPF21 properties, which delicate pinkish cream with Sakura Extracts, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin CG. 
- All these can nourishes your skin deeply and helps to lighten the skin tone and dark spot, as well as refine skin texture and smoothen pores!
It is proven that your skin can achieve pinkish fairness in 4 weeks. 

As usual, for bottle type of skin care product I will prefer to use spatula to take out some, because this can prevent bacteria on your hand transmit to the bottle, and it is more hygiene.

Then from spatula, I will only transfer it to my face, with the amount I need (after few tries :P)

- My skin getting fairer and pinkisher. Can see from the previous photo, as well as my colleague say that I get fairer skin than before! 
- My skin no longer produce oil from morning until evening, and even walk under the sun. If normal time I will get oily face and sometimes my face turn dark after walk under the sun T_______T 
- For better absorption and effect I apply toner after washing my face, then only apply moisturizing cream.
The price super affordable and you can get it in any pharmacies over Malaysia like Watson, Guardian or Caring etc etc, easily!

- Sometimes I will feel that some part of my skin a bit dry, but after applied other moisturizing cream like aloe vera on that particular area, then it return normal on the next day.


Now my face colour is so much whiter than hand one, should try out on my hand and let my body colour balance up! :P
*You can see the hand colour remain the same, but face colour totally different from before and after*

Cleansing Foam 100ml: RM12.90
Moisturizing Cream: RM24.90

Can get it in any PHARMACIES over Malaysia ;)

Day after day. your skin will blooms beautifully like the Sakura Flower, fair, fresh, translucent with a pinkish glow! Have fun everyone!

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  1. sakura do smell good right!!hhhee

  2. more even skin tone! prettier liao~ hehe..

    1. Dear Tenshi: Yalor. Prettier in selfie camera also XP

  3. Hi dear..BW here..

    planning to try this product.

  4. Hi did you have breakouts on your face on the first week using garnier sakura white?

    1. Hi dear, just notice your comment. No I don't have any breakouts on my face for the first week ya ;) Ohya, remember to scrub ur face every 2-3 days also.

  5. This skincare also okay for oily skin or not ?

    1. If super dry, sensitive and acne skin I won't recommend but if dry to oily skin still okay ;)

  6. If i have a combination skin,can i use it and can i get the different colour of my skin LOL HAHAHA
    well just asking ;)

    1. Yes u still can try it out, but if pimples pop out, I don't suggest you to use on it :)

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