Wednesday, June 3, 2015

[Review] Love Nail + Nail File from Japan

There's a product coming soon in HiShop! Guess what is it?


It is a Instant Nail Applique.

Yes, it gives Saloon-Quality Nail Art Stickers! And it is so Fast and Easy to apply on!

But HOW? Now I'm going to show u all step by step. This is my very first time on reviewing NAIL products! Any mistake I made pls don't hesitate to correct me XD

Step 1 - Select the nail size strip that best fits your nail (Remember: The nail strip 1mm smaller than your nail is easier to apply).

Step 2 - Remove the protection films and apply onto the nail, and gently stretch to fit. (Remember: you can use the wood stick included to push back your cuticles so that they're even, This allow them fit nicely onto your nail!).

Step 3 - File off the excessive nail strip in a downward motion with double head pink nail sharpener given.

Step 4 - You're done! Now you got yourself a saloon quality manicure! (Remember: Avoid using nails within 15-20 minutes after nail strip to prevent they peel off more easily).

Here're the frequent question asked for LOVE NAIL!

How to REMOVE:
- LOVE NAIL is made of nail polish, so you can just use regular nail polish remover to remove them!

- After opening the unused stickers, keep them in ZIPPER BAG to prevent them drying off. Do store them in a cool, well ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight.

- Advice to use within 2 weeks after opening.
- This nail product is for nail application only, stay away from CHILDREN eating and away from HEAT & FIRE.

Still NO IDEA how to use it? Check this video!

Yeap, it is so easy and I thought that it might very hard for me because I'm type of person very lazy on NAIL one. Maybe due to my job scope (need to keep my nail clean and short all the time T___T)!

Total of 20 pieces of stickers!
Available at HISHOP!

Stay Tuned for my LOVE NAIL link!

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