Wednesday, June 1, 2016

BBQ King Steamboat Buffet at Bukit Tinggi, Klang

Talk about Non-Halal buffet, I will introduce you BBQ King Steamboat Buffet, located at Bukit Tinggi 2, Klang, newly launch on 20th May 2016.

ONLY RM38.80 per adult! OMG OMG

So, what's special about this BBQ King? It is actually fusion of Japan & local type of cooking methods. Which included 4 types of them:

  1. BBQ
  2. Single/Double Soup (Herb Soup, Clear Soup, Tom Yam and Fish Head)
  3. Charcoal Burn
  4. Frying Pot (available for 5 people and above)
So, because only 3 of us, so we decided to take BBQ, Single of Fish Head Soup, and Charcoal Burn.

Here's their Charcoal Burn, not directly burn under charcoal, which I think is better for our health as well :)

Let's see what's available over this BBQ King Steamboat Buffet shop? Bet you gonna Waw and Waw :P

First must see their available?

Homemade Sauce:
Total of 15 types of them! Included sambal, chili, soy sauce, onion springs and so on! Try them all, and I love their chili sauce :)


Maggie, yee mee, udon, bihun and others type of noodles!

BBQ and charcoal burn items:
Personally love their BBQ items so much, especially their chicken satay. I finished almost 10 sticks btw :D

Raw meat and seafood:
Lots of seafood and pork slides available over there! Let's see :D

A must to take is CRAB and TIGER PRAWN.

Crabs right, only serve 4kg for every 40 minutes. So, depends on ur luck, if not you can wait until they serve it on the spot.

Tiger prawn you can catch it lively, but but but pls dont put them live in steamboat soup or BBQ pot because that's a bit cruel for me T.T

Put them in the cup first until they're not moving, then only cook them okay? T.T

Meatballs and hot dogs:
Variety of meat balls and hot dogs available for you to choose. Pork meatball would be my bf favorite because hardly to find it outside :)

Vegetables & yong tau fu:
Not many choices of vegetables but if you want more option you can try their yong tau fu.

Too bad we don't have fry pot, or else we can fry all the yong tau fu, but on steamboat also not bad la, anyway still yums!

Japanese food:
If you like sushi, ramen, bbq stick then other than frying pot, then you gonna love all of them!

Hot soup and ramen!

BBQ sticks - Bacon with mushroom, tomato & bird eggs!

Other dishes:
Bf said must try out their fry crabs! Taste so good I heard :P

Nasi lemak from pulau ketam & herbal eggs.

I love their cakes, soft enough with their cream :D

I like their honey green tea and honey lemon! Unlimited refill somemore, soon they will be having soft drinks as well :D

Waiting list:
Pop-corn & Japanese rice beer!

So what's my bf took the whole night? *repeat same pic, paiseh*

Love all of them, and their fish head soup sweet from inside out! And they made me a bowl of noodle with crabs meat! Yums :D

Seriously I left a lot of space for my desserts and ice-cream! Shh I know girls can't resist it!

The night crowds was horrible, full of ppl & their food finished quite fast, so let them have more staffs to speed up their refill process because they've just open it!

My man (right) & his friend (left)! Ohya, no time limit for makan period ya, enjoy!

Always full house I heard, enjoy your dinner there!

Eh, quite love the environment, but if you scare HOT, then you should sit outside instead of inside. Because air ventilation not so good since a lot of ppl walking here and there, plus with hot steamboats, you know la.

Food I like is their seafood, because it is fresh enough. BTW their supplies kinda slow due to their newly opening shop as well as to control their food for the entire night. So be patience :)

Also, their bbq stick also have enough taste for BBQ. And their desserts never disappoint me, as it is not so sweet and I remember had a full plate of these cakes. Lots of love for these!

More information:

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  1. Oh gosh.. that is soooo affordable and reasonable and love the selection.. too bad not halal... huhuhu

  2. wow that's a VERY large selection! So it combines both BBQ and steamboat?

  3. wow thats a good list of items, making me hungry

  4. That is one huge selection of BBQ. Now I want BBQ for breaking my fast later hehe

  5. I went BBQ and steamboat too recently.. But it's another one in c180... Not bad as well..

  6. ah the food look so delicious! Another reason for me to go Klang hehe

  7. I'm so drooling looking at the menu but too bad is not Halal..sighhhh...

  8. Bukit tinggi near my place.. macam pernah makan before cause there got so many choices of steamboat places to choose..

  9. I do enjoy the concept of hot pot plus grill. However, I am always lazy to cook and prefer to only eat the food that someone else has prepared. HAHAHA

  10. This is perfect, I like both BBQ and steamboat, hooray :)

  11. For the amount and choices of food that they served at this price is very reasonable. Those who can eat is very worth it.

  12. That's alot of food, hope Malaysians will eat moderately instead of overeating!

  13. The spread look great dear and Bukit Tinggi is quite nearby my place. Will certainly check it out soonest.