Saturday, June 11, 2016

[Review] Magic Water by IDO'S

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to review a quite 'MAGICAL' skincare, called Magic Water by IDO'S.

Now I know why it's been called with Magic Water!!! Because after come back from Krabi, my skin get terribly bad, fulled with pimples & I got a bit sun burn on my forehead, and Magic Water saved my skin!

Before go into my review, let's have a look on

What is Magic Water?

  • It is known as nano aqua (super fine molecule)
  • Nano size of water molecular penetrate into our skin freely and easily
  • Stimulate the opening cell or channel to increase the nutrition absorption
  • Natural botanical enzymes & nano-peptides
  • FREE from Paraben, SLS, artificial colouring and fragrance
  • Oil & acne control
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidants
  • Brightening  & reduce pigmentation
  • Anti-aging & lifting
  • Improve skin immune & absorption

Here's the box ingredient & instruction of Magic Water :)

So I'm going to show you guys

How to use Magic Water:
Step 1:
Cleanse your face as usual. Apply your daily toner for more effective absorption.

Step 2:
Before spray onto my face, I just want to show you the texture of this Magic Water.

So the texture of this Magic Water basically is transparent, and it is not sticky at all. Just very very light of enzyme smell I guess, but it doesn't affect my loves for it. LOLL

Actually I takes more than 10 pic and try to use camera to focus on it, but nailed it T.T Cos it is totally transparent from my hand!!

Yes, to use it, just shake well & just spray a proper amount onto your face. 

Step 3: 
You're done!!

  • Used twice per day (Day & Night). 
  • Used it to refresh or soothe the skin anytime anywhere!
  • Used as make up base, to be moist enough to support your make up :D

As I said, after come back from Krabi, my face pimples like popping out without mercy, with pus somemore! Gosh seriously thanks to Magic Water for helping me to calm down all of my pimples just within 2 days!

It helps to control my oily face, after spray my skin getting fresh & hydrated! I will repurchase definitely! Big smile to myself! :D

Magic Water 210ml 
Purchase them now with RM128 RM89.90 + Free 1 Magic Water 60ml at HERE!
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  1. something new. Have not heard about this brand. Thanks for recommending

  2. Now we know your beauty secret. Also first time hearing about the brand.

  3. Woots!! I guess this is something like facial mist right?

  4. wow good to know this, dont know this brand until read here.
    shall check out this product soon

  5. Wow! Something magical.... First time heard of this.. Wonder what it can do to my skin.. hehe~!

  6. this is pretty interesting.. and seemingly magical.. should be worth a try... will check it out...

  7. I read so many positive reviews about this brand, plan to give it a try as well :)

  8. Ah I am using this too. Will write a review soon hehe

  9. Wow, Magic Water really does not have any color. I bet it will make you feel very fresh