Wednesday, September 28, 2016

[Review] H2O+ Beauty Series - Beauty Begins Within

Hey everyone. It's been quite a long time I didn't update my beauty post. Yes, I'm still trying on new products which can give a best solution to our skin!

So, previous week I was trying this water based skincare of H2O+ Beauty. They create skincare formulas that harness the hydrating power just by a pure water. The company developed in 1989 with the goal of putting beauty back in the hand of women.

Yay! Continuing that legacy until today, H20+ Beauty combines the SIMPLEST & most POWERFUL compound on earth to help every woman to gain confident on their skin. H2O+ Beauty are water-based products which formulated with active ingredients, allowing them to nourish and hydrate the skin all day long!

Let's check out whats their HYDRATION SERIES of products which is on my hand, for NOW and WOW experience!

1. Oasis™ Quench the Day Hydrating Mist
A mist that give spritz on a happy face! It is not only giving smile-inducing, skin radiance-producing as well as super hydrating! 

It combines the ingredients of mineral-rice Thermal Water with Sea Grass, Water Lily and Aloe Vera extracts. Hence the combination softens and soothes our skin, and give your skin such a comfortable feel after!


Spritz throughout the day (2-3 times a day) for extra moisture, hydrating as well as to a perfect make up. Hold the bottle 8-12 inches from face and close your eyes before misting (avoid eyes).

During misting, 1 press actually make the mist fill up to 80% of my face, yet I still give 5 press to ensure my face is fully moist by this super hydrating mist! The over my face also absorb quickly, and not sticky at all! Likey!

2. Oasis™ Ultra Hydrating Treatment
Pamper your skin with Ultra Hydrating Treatment today! It contain Sea Grass and Water Lily extracts, and also innovative long-lasting technology. Not only that, it is clinically proven it will help to keep your complexion noticeable softer, smoother, and hold your hydration for 24 hours.

So now you own super radiant skin, if your skin hydration been hold tight!


After cleansing & toning part, then gently apply this Hydrating Treatment over your face and neck. Apply it for Day and Night.

I love this so much as in I don't smell any fragrant at all over this Hydrating Treatment. This treatment comes in sea blue colour, and the texture is watery type, not so stick & easy to spread on! 

3. Oasis™ Moisture Boost Serum
Serum always is my next step after mask, to give additional hydration boost over our skin! This serum designed to protects the outer layer skin, from moisture loss, active hydrating ingredient like Sea Glass and Water Lily extract will hold on the hydration!

You can get the effect such as instant, weightless, non-greasy hydration and jealous side-eye whenever you are! 


Shake well first to activate the dual phase formula. Just apply few drops over your palm, and transfer it to your face with your clean hand!

Yes, this serum shows very light blue and watery liquid, and I like the after feeling of application! Not sticky at all, and I felt my skin so hydrated!

4. Oasis™ Moisture Lock Mask
So as this product named as LOCK MASK, so it actually lock the moisture over your face! Yes, their Moisture Lock Mask delivers a surge of hydration, boosting up skin's moisture levels all the time from hydration loss.

So with this mask, your skin looks softer, youthful as well as more beautiful?


You can use it over a cleansed face and neck. You can massage until your skin fully absorb. Only use 2-3 times a week, and leave it overnight for more intensive effect!

This mask texture in light blue colour, and slightly concentrated compare to previous one. But but but it won't gives sticky feeling after application!

My skin actually is combination skin, and sometimes sensitive as well. So a lot of hydration is needed. So, normally second day of H2O+ Beauty products application, I feel super moist and no acne is trigger too! Likey!

Besides, H2O+ Beauty is watery based, no strong fragrant added as well as do not trigger my sensitive skin. Likey likey. Other than their price slightly higher a bit, but I think their products is worth on their price!

11street now is partnership with H2O+ Beauty products! So, you can get it exclusively on 11street. This partnership also marks H2O+ Beauty's entrance into the world of omni-channel retailing, through a reimagined brand, as well as brand new product!

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  1. Winter has made my skin super dry, I'm sure these products will be a great fit for me right now.. Great review, glad it suited your skincare routine well :D

  2. tried it too and suitable for me.
    didn't saw you that day.

  3. SO many hydration products nowadays I stocked up too many of them but still super dry skin I have! Guess the weather and pollution is the culprit!

  4. I want to get Oasis™ Quench the Day Hydrating Mist. Looks great on my skin and ensure my skin will not feel dry.

  5. Absolutely love the range of H2o+ as they have served me well in the past and their newly revamped packaging does look adorable. Glad that the products worked for you dear.

  6. I'm also looking for a product that would hydrate my skin on the go. My skin has gone to the dogs with back to back travels.

  7. Good products. Will get some soon.

  8. have not tried this range before... I must check it out.. look like a nice brand hmmm....

  9. I read so many good reviews about this brand, plan to give it a try as well :)