Monday, February 27, 2017

[Travel] Krabi Vlog with Besties

It's been almost a year I missed out my Krabi blog post. For those who really waited so long, I'm apologize for all of that.

Here's my short video for Krabi Day 1, 2 & 3! Hope you guys enjoy ❤

Simple Itinerary:
  • KL - KRABI 4 days 3 nights
  • Stayed at Ananta Burin Resort, nearby Ao Nang beach
  • We purchased our Island Hoping, Hot Springs, Emerald Pool & Night Market (not shown in the video) packages at the airport once we reached, The Hilltop trip we planned it later 😋
  • We also purchased our taxi vouchers from Airport to Hotel (Go & Back) as all the price are reasonable & well-planned.

Krabi Day 1 - Island Hoping:
  • Picked up at Ao Nang 
  • Visit islands included - Phranang Beach, Chicken Island, Phi Phi Island 
  • Snorkeling at Chicken Island & went to monkey beach

Krabi Day 2 & 3 - Hot Springs, Emerald Pool & The Hilltop
  • Visit hot springs, Emerald Pool on day time
  • Visit The Hilltop and enjoy our luxury night view & dinner at the top of Krabi Hill 😏

Software to edit video: Window Live Maker by Windows

We also visited Night Market but we're too tired to on video recording btw. Promised next time I will make my travel post more complete 😚 Hope you guys really enjoy these 2 videos ya!

We're planning our next trip! Any recommendation just comment below & let me know. And, any questions you can ask as well 😁



  1. Make me wanna revisit Krabi. Nice place I could say and its not that expensive.

  2. ah have not been to Krabi yet. it looks like a beautiful and fun place

  3. Loved watching your videos. Have not been to Krabi yet but your article has made me want to go. NOW!

  4. Never got around to going there yet... want to do so with my girls

  5. Lucky u got the chance to visit krabi. Such a nice place to visit especially with friends .

  6. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun there=) Krabi was a heavenly place for snorkeling and chilling!!

  7. i miss my Krabi time as well! good place to visit again with besties!

  8. i always love Krabi...... not too pack and crowded like phuket... been there 5 times...always love the vibes!

  9. Look nice~most happy to have a travel with the suitable person.

  10. I have never been to a hot spring before and would love to try it out some day.

  11. Island Hoping is fun. Krabi and Phuket share the same island and I love Island hoping. But I hate sitting on the boat. Krabi is beautiful place to visit.

  12. It has been awhile since I have visited Krabi, but your Vlog certainly made me miss my time there. Will need to make a visit soon.