Tuesday, August 29, 2017

5 Ideas to Decorate My Dream Home

I think almost everyone knows that I've bought a new house and just moved in May 2016. Until now it's still partially furnish especially my living room still empty LOL. Seriously, you all need to plan your financial properly before you purchase a house, super high commitment & you need a lot of $$ from in & out, out & in 😂😂😂

Now I better start planning my Living Room Decor now!

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1. Curtain Design

If you read my post, my condo design comes in grey and white, so my bf painted the whole house with light grey color, except for the room with warm light color. So for my curtain design, I will choose cold color series & Im looking for ash or grey, surveyed & found this! 

For me 2 layers curtain look nicer & most importantly you still get the light & privacy during day time!  ðŸ˜‚😂😂 You know what I mean right? For my room, I was thinking to use the same color or just use a shade instead? 

I would like to use light chocolate or any wood color, as my room painted in warm color. You ask me why I pick this ah, I will tell you, you just need to clean the window shade & don't need to wash it every few months LOL

2. Art Draw
I like art, since when I'm kid. I can even draw sailormoon when I was primary 5, and I still remembered that my classmates laugh on me because they said I photostate one 😢😢 Is okay, I will draw my own art & hang on my house wall one day! This is the very simple design one, you will never go wrong with this.

For me, any art is precious, because they use their heart to draw it out. Or perhaps this one? 

For me simple design never get bored & it is always in fashion trend, isn't?

3. Wall decoration
Yes, my wall decoration for living room can be very simple like this. 

Keep your precious photo inside the frame, unique items you bought from overseas or etc. Pls to do on both left and right side with TV on the middle. Simple yet nice! Can't wait for the result ✌

4. Cubes shelves
Creative design always give you more feeling!

Okay, I want to get smth similar like this, but I will put books on it, as recently I start my readings back, to gain more knowledge & find myself as well as pathway!

Most importantly these cubes can hold the weight of my books! Instead of packing up the books inside a box, or even in the store room.

5. Fancy light
Forgive me, I like fancy light so much, as it gives really romantic feelings. Whenever you feel stress or sad, just on these white fancy light, your mood definitely get better!

You can use it as your bed, selfie or even your youtube channel background! Or perhaps just use yellow fancy light, it makes your room feel so much romantic. Red wine pls ❤

Enjoy the design you want with the loved one, definitely the most enjoy part in my whole life! Can't wait my dream come true! OMG, pls wish me luck, finger crossed! ❤

What about your Home Decoration
Let me know in the comment, I wish to get more feedback from you all! 


  1. There are always many ways to decorate a dream house. For me, as long as it's functional is more than enough. Anyhow, your tips are great. I love the way you talk about using bed as a background for YouTube.

  2. wow...i like the lighting design in your house. It is really my dream house.

  3. I seriously love the last one.. that feeling. my house still in progress. but i think is time to look into some design now!

  4. Love the fancy light... the decorations simple but nice

  5. I hope to be able to own a home and decorate it myself soon! :D

  6. This is very timely! I just transformed my bedroom into an office. Thanks for these tips!

  7. I don't have money for my own house, and neither can I afford the time to fix my bedroom. First, I need someone to help me clear my room of junk!!!

  8. is good to own a home that you can decorate. My home is not big enough so my dream is always hanging. I want a big wardrobe room type that is Oprah.

  9. Ya, after buy house, need to spend a lot money in renovation, furniture, decorations and bla bla bla
    I bought a house last year, still partly furnished.... huhuh....

  10. You've really got an eye for interior decorating. When moving into a new house it is so fun to go through and make every room absolutely yours.

  11. Aww... just love the interior idea as I do love minimalism idea in decorate my dream home. Your deco is really do made me feel easy and free from mountain of junks like my home ^.^''''

  12. Simple & nice !
    I love the last one, looks romantic <3

  13. Wah... you're so talented! Must draw more and share your artwork on FB. :D

  14. OMG! The outcome is blowing out my mind. But I'm sure the process is never a waste of sweat.

  15. Wow..great design. even I graduated Interior Design and been this field for many years, now I love your home design very much. It's simple yet nice, your color combination is good..and glad to hear that you can draw, looking fwd to see you share your artwork :) (ps: i want to see you draw sailormoon again, hehe)

  16. Good ideas! I love the colors of choice, my favorite will be the fairy ligths and picstures!