Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cohort 4 --- Arca Arca Fighting! :)

Well, i found that clinical placement is much more stress compare to uni's examination and practical. Deal to REAL patients wor! This is stress enough. ><''

LOL, this picha is funny ><

Yahh, my placement partner is Joycelin, class rip of my cohort. She is damn nice and help me a lot when i face any difficulties there, so do she motivate me. Thanks dear! U're so nice to me. Happy clinical placement every of my friend! Hope u guys enjoy it. 

For my 1st day clinical placement?! Well, it quite surprising that there is a senior from MAHSA (early batch) working at that hospital. Only 3 physiotherapists are working there, another 2 are from Masterskill and KKM respectively. All are damn awesome, always put patient's safety on 1st. Ohya, they're leng zai leng lui(s) LOL. Most of the patients love them a lot. :))

Until now i still OTW to learn assessment. It is not easy to memorize all, wth. 
Good Luck and all the bestto all my whole coursemates!

I miss u all badly!! T-T

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