Monday, April 25, 2011

Gyaru Random Picha ♥

Hmm, I miss Lai and Maiko. T-T
After watching Xiaxue on Tokyo Kawaii TV, im waiting Kawaii TV on Malaysia! :D
*waiting for my episode, wtf*

Well, as everyone know, which girl dun prefer make up when they go out? U must know that make up gives confident to every girls! I don't really remember when is my 1st time to make up on my own face, i think is on my 19 years old's CNY. Followed by.. when I worked at KL on the age of 20. All my KL friends having nice make up skills, but i only have pen eye liner in my bag. How pity is me. ToT

Non of us born in pro skills, all of us need to learn from beginning, isn't? I try to learn from very beginning. Ohya, nowadays make up without CONTACT LENS is not so nice! So, buy yourself a pair of lens (at least 16mm) that can enlarge ur both eyes. Im mad of lens btw, just i was damn lazy to put on, wtf. Lastly i learn Gyaru make up skills! :) I damn love it, even friends and loves one around me. Thanks! I will keep it up, especially FORUCHIZU boss! ♥


Oopps! It is my normal make up that i had done before, i know without fake eye lashes, brushes, lip stick and shading are kinda weird, YAHH! but it look like me. 

Now i almost complete my make up stuffs, it take me half year to collect all the appropriate and suitable brand for me. Some more now never have CHEAP make up brand, particularly Japan Brand :((

Something sad here, i lost my bracelet, heart shape some more. T0T Presented by my ex colleagues in Sarikei. Damn sad, I want it back! :'(

Woots! I love this photo, but i only show it now. Snapped using Vinc's Samsung Galaxy. Yahh, it is gyaru make up, now i love my hair so much, it make me look fashion. LOL! O.o

Another 2 gyaru pichas :))
I think i love this picha the most! I dunno why i cant capture any cute photos like this. Sobs!

This is the lasted picha that i snapped last night. TUTORIAL? I think i need more than 1 year to complete my tutorial, i keep on try and try but FAILED especially in video one. T-T 

OKays, after express my feeling, i feel damn nice now. I will stay pretty always and gain confident from it wtf. LOL. Getting older nowadays and i need to take nice n quality skin care instead of good diet. :)) 

Tata~~ ♥♥♥
Good Night and Baii :DD


  1. babe u look sexy n hot!!! i love the last pic XD

  2. Thanks dear!! :DD
    Many friend said they love the last picha <33333