Sunday, May 15, 2011

Holiday from NAO!

Today i was finish my clinical posting at TSH, it is awesome! Learn to assess and treat the real patients that having musculoskeletal, cardiorespiractory and neurology problems effectively and in sufficient time.

I promise i will try to be BEST PHYSIOTHERAPIST!

This few days, i was totally touch by few patients's family, they really show the power of LOVES & CARES to their beloved one. All their partners never give up on the patients! They give hope, strength and encourangements. Although it is tough and sometime patients might get emotional due to having difficulties during rehabilitation.

YEA, there are also some patient's family that ignore and just let them stayed in hospital, is kind of non-responsible. Well, during treatment they cried and always mention that they miss their family, heart ache + sour when i heard this. what we do is give more cares and loves to them, hope they can discharge and recover faster! T-T 
Yahh, same to suction, although it is pain but after suction patient will feel easier to breath!

Thanks God for lead and guide me all the time, I never feel regret by choosing this course. It make my life become wonderful, meaningful. Make me like an angel to lend a hand to those who need HELP in this world. 


Okayss that's my feeling after Clinical Placement! Woots!

Holiday nao! :)

23 July 2011 i will be back to KL!

Miss you all and take k! Heading to Sibu Sarawak on 7am from LCCT, Kuala Lumpur!

Miss you the most- Vinc, muacks!!


  1. You're not coming back early anymore? :P I havent decide when to go back kl also lol anyways, happy hols!!

  2. Yea, going back for quite a long time :(( it make me dun hv time to meet my bf *sad*