Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shopping with Cecil ♥

Aww, this morning was badly mood spoiled because of super duper hot weather of KL. I woke up cos of too hot, sweating and sun was burning my skin. ><
ARHHH wth with weather nowadays? dislike it sou much. It make my day worsen and cannot accomplish neither of my stuffs.  Feel sucks!

Early morning i wait for 30 minutes just to wait metro of rapid bus but.. NO BUS is COMING. @@
That's accepted but what make my mood badly damaged is ATM of PPUM is not working, even ATM at Time square! Huh, i dun have too much cash to take taxi. T-T This called MALAYSIA wtf

Okay cool down girl, followed by.. THE METRO bus didn't stop at KL central!!!! ( I was planning to take monorail to IMBI ) Arhhh, it heading directly to Puduraya. They don't inform that KL central road closed due to fire on Post Laju until i ask them. T0T

But luckily got Cecil, ohya, she is my physio at Tung Shin Hospital, ohya she is younger than me, and also.. damn cute + pretty! She only 2o years old! Youngest physio that i ever met. 

Then we start to walk around Time Square and Sg Wang. Ya, damn enjoy when i go shopping with her, will go again n again if got chance :))

BTW, I did really enjoy today's shopping. Feel awesome cos i bought quite a lot of stuffs! Ori some more, hehe. <3333

Za FOUNDATION, finally i bought YOU.. with eye shadow and liquid eye liner :)

我的美丽日记 <333

Love this guy's design shirt. :)
Thanks Cecil for intro me such pretty T-shirt to wear on. LOL, next time steal bf, Vinc Ong punya clothes to wear. Cos u got a lot right? Look sexy when i wear it! Miss you a lot, dear 安安. T-T

Okayss, that's all from today. Quite regret spend a lot on facial. Whatever lah, too late already, ban leng leng enough dee :))

Night ya, Sweet dream♥
B4 that, share a nice video with you guys. I fall in love with this song, bf intro me one :P
I do appreciate YOU, Vinc! 


  1. The weather nowadays really hot until beh tahan @_@ Waa so nice still got time go shopping. 20 yrs old alrdy a physio? So geng one!

  2. Yea, everyday feel hot ><
    She is the youngest physio that i ever met :P

    LAST week for CP already! Horrey!

  3. what is this song pinyin name?