Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Feel dismay recently, totally distress. T-T
I hate assignment, i hate the way i live in this world. 

No point to continue my life. 
Don't get controlled by EVIL, dear. You need to relieve yourself from all hatred, sorrowful, sins and pain in this world. You need to fight with another BAD jacqueline in ur body! wtf

What im talking now? lol, im okay! Just need more ppl to accompany me! Be happy! God is always by my side and lead me all the way ;) *stupid conversation*


Okaylah, next month fly back to KL liao! =='' just to attend 2 classes, wth. I really dislike to attend but what to do? Fail again in FOP assignment? No way! I don't what to resit my 1st sem! Terrible. 

Hmm order from KERRY! 20 pairs for RM300!! damn cheap!
This lens use to SS(syok sendiri) is damn nais!

Then i ask my old classmate to buy daily use one. =.=''
3 pairs for RM80, but cheaper than previous one. 2 pairs for RM85. wth.
I also want to open an optic shop to sell spec and lens!

Okay, lastly just want to show u all my non-make up face! Took it today. :'(

swollen eye!>< make my double eye lid so thick. lol, effect of crying too much wth

okays i know is damn ugly but pls make sure no nightmare tonight! lol
I dunno i increase or decrease weight during this holiday cause i knew i ate a lot. Food everywhere at home, how to control my temptation on FOOD?!
Till then..
Good Night! God Bless You all~ <3


  1. You're not ugly at all without make up...♥

  2. Sure you will pass with flying colour! Dont worry.. If got anythg, you can ask me.. Yalar, the daily colour contact lens how much ar?

  3. thanks mutsumi. wish my husband will say this to me! :D

  4. yingci: Hehe, hope so, If i dunno then i kejar ke TSH to ask u :P

    The daily lens? 3 pairs for RM80 owh. consider cheap already, made in UK. I think quite safe to use it if u make sure it is clean all the time :)

  5. No one is perfect. Put your mind ON it and give your 110% for next assignment!

  6. Vee: Yes, i like ur status!:D
    thanks for the advice <33