Monday, June 13, 2011


Recently my brain was crowded with so many nonsense and useless stuffs, wth im thinking now?
Super duper busy on giving cares to my beloved daddy, mummy and grandma. All of them fall sick jor, wondering if now im not having holiday, who the one will spend time to take care of them? Found that they're getting older, weaker and loner nowadays T-T


I miss the moment of pass few years, we 100% will have our gathering together during big festivals. Now onward i never have this kind of feeling jor. They just celebrate it as simple as they are. I dunno why, i loss my childhood memories, no more happiness occur nowadays in my life.

Well, the fact is:
When we getting older, there is no more fun but increase in stress and those f'cking annoyances!
Everyone in this society is changed due to the cruel reality life

My grandma and daddy was admitted to hospital for the last 2 weeks! Yahh, thanks for all of ur regards, they now 70% recovery stage already. Still need time to charge their body to --------------- 100% healthy stage.
They still on medication. :"(
Loads of quantity need to take on everyday, kinda suffer to continue like this, hope they can fully recover!
Remember to give cares, loves and patients to them, they need it. <3


okay, all r random news..:)
19th of June is Father day, so how you going to celebrate?

Well, do enjoy ur holiday for local n non-local uni friends, and happy schooling day to all students!:)
If fall down, then try until you success! okay? Pray for the BEST!

Thanks and have a nice day!!


  1. I don't think there's less fun as older as we depends on the persons and their view of life.
    Though I pray for your family's health! ♥

  2. Remember to blog more, update more and check more update over online hehe :P I might make a blast online!

  3. take care la jac jac... happy thought ya! :)

  4. Mitsumi: yeah, but i dunno how to cheers up myself lea T0T
    Perhaps i need a talk or smth to motivate me. THanks for ur cares, i feel it <3

    Kian Fai: heheh, but i seldom online since i came back to swak, will become active agian when i go back kl again k?

    Henry: thanks ya, i will be fine, give me time to calm down 1st :)

  5. Yeap, less fun because they are getting lonely.
    That's why every time I'm back to visit them, I'll make sure I'll give my fullest and help them as much as possible. I'm glad I have one of the best parents ever.
    You should do the same.

  6. Avvy: I will learn from u :)
    Help as much as possible when they still in this world, no more chance to .. replace if they leave us :'(