Saturday, August 27, 2011


We had been in relationship for 498days! :)
It is such a long and blissful journey throughout my life. I appreciate you, you too?
I miss my bf badly. 


Well. i was in Genting yesterday, watching sunrise but too bad, the sun hide behind the wind. =.=
Well, i cant take any photo cos my phones all out of battery. 
Once i out from the car, i SHIVERING. Wondering how they survive there in long term period. wtf i know is my body is too weak lol!

I was going with my sister- Pearl Hui 

She really make my life wonderful and how to appreciate every moment in this life. x)

When im unhappy she buy me chocolate, when i cry she come all the way from KL area to PJ, when i feel lonely she bring me outing, shopping and eating. Love you dear!

Feel the alcohol! Nais!<3

I took MCD with Pearl at Genting yesterday, and it really make me miss you max. I ordered GCB cos you like it so much, normally it is too expensive for me to order. :)
I start falling in love with it too. 

Really miss the moment we're eating together.
Hope to see you soon dear! :)

BTW lots of thing want to share with you guys! Wait my update ya!!
Have a nais day friends <3


Awwwww <3

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