Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter day

Do you all know what is Easter day?
Yeah, actually im also not sure what's the story behind Easter day as well as the present of Easter egg!
Failed to become a Catholic -.-

GOOD FRIDAY is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. After 3 days, Jesus Christ rise from death, means there's a new life is born.

Yeah, EASTER SUNDAY actually is one of the most festive events among Christians worldwide! It commemorates Jesus Christ's resurrection from death, as written in Christian Bible. AND we celebrate the EASTER DAY :3

Yeah, Easter egg given by coursemate. How sweet is her. :3
Easter Day with Easter egg. At first i also confused why they want to give Easter egg, rupa-rupa is egg represent a new born life, which means resurrection of Jesus Christ! We worship and celebrate this big day!!

Where we celebrate? Of cos in CHURCH.
Recently get know to a girl, named RACHEL. Sarawakian as well. She accompanied me to church! Damn appreciate it! Enjoy the moment with her, talkative, loving, sweet, hot and friendly!!

Happy Advance Easter Day! God bless all of us and do remember pray always! :)


not yet finish. I haven't finish sambat!

Yeah, im still learning to braid the hair. It is not easy! But thank you to Sara for willing to let her pretty hair for me to learn. Appreciate it so much. But i know i FAILED.

Basic one already killed me.

You can search in YOUTUBE. I wish i can do it myself in this video. -.-

I like this as well, simple and cool, guess all this i can braid on my own hair. wtf lol
Gonna learning hard for it. MAKEUP is actually so easy compare to braid and do fashion hairstyle. :(

Visit CUTE GIRL HAIRSTYLE for more videos!
Other than that, i went to Mid Valley with Rachel for grocery shopping. ><''

Yeah, no junk food right? lol
Im so healthy. lol wtf. but with bf, he always buy this la that la, all not so healthy one. It's always make me fat one. But i really wondering why he cannot gain weight one. lol

I love this picture! He is actually away from KL because he went back his hometown. Life without him is like so boring and missing him a lot.

SEE YOU, BABE. On next week :)

Again. Happy Easter day!! Remember to go church tomorrow! Worship GOD happily!! :3


  1. happy easter sunday to u jac jac! :D

  2. Happy easter as well!!

  3. Happy Easter Sunday!
    just a question.. why is it always got eggs and bunny? haha

  4. Henry: Happy Easter to u too!

    Small Kucing: Happy Easter!!

    Henry Tan: will answer u once i check it out :D