Sunday, March 31, 2013

Outing with younger brother - David

Oh yeah. This morning supposedly go church one but.. over slept. -.-
Need to go confession next week. Oops!

The story between bunny and egg, even though my friend told me jor but i still cant really remember. lol
If i found it then will let you all know.

Yeah, with younger brother, David. So long we didn't hang out already. He graduated jor but i still study.
Last time we meet is during CNY, such a long long time jor.
*he actually quite cute one* *single* *nais* *never date before*
Here he go ----> lol wtf sure he scold me by putting this link!
Sorry for cheating all of you last time, that's he is my new bf. lol
Today we hang out at kl area. Got purpose one! lol
He wanna buy micro SD card for my aunt and elder bro, and i want to make my dream come true - buy camera! I really wish i can buy my dream camera!


Samsung - EX2F
Retail price - RM1699

So after promotion cheaper a bit lah.
Love it because it flip over and see ur face! and it is fully HD, somre more bright lens for this cam is 1.4 :D
WIFI attached, that's i want. etc etc nais function can found inside!

Can transfer to phone immediately and edit, then post to anywhere u want. :D

More detail pls click - HERE

Oh ya, i tot the bag for this cam will be like black in colour (because white model got white bag), who knows is this light brown colour, it's quite cool actually. :D

While paying this camera, the salesman asked me: He is ur bf?
I smile and answers: He is my younger brother.
Salesman: Oops! Really?

Yeah i know both of us not really look alike and he is so much taller than me.
Then, after that we went makan since searching for our stuffs for few hours, going up and down. *tired*

Yeah, sushi. I know no healthy food at KL. So i rather eat sushi or subway. lol
Don't want my body get heaty easily. Kinda suffer on my weak body, otw improving my health! :D

Love this picture! My bf - Vinc presented me nais watch and match me up with any outfit. How smart he is!! *love it so much*

Other than that, today bought a blue dress. That's i aim for so long already. It cost me RM15 only.
Just found that Sg wang and time square got a lot of sales recently!

Sexy babeh.
While i considering this dress, my bro answer me: So cheap! Just buy lah! If not suit you, just throw it. It's only cost u RM15, u didn't makan for one day, then save it back already. lol wtf

Again, Happy Easter day too all of you.
We love you, God. For now and my entire life.


  1. happy easter... so nice going out with ur bro. Read from review that samsung camera was just ok only and no external flash, might not be good when u go into dark places... anyway, have fun shooting! :)

  2. Henry: Yeap! Hang out with family really enjoy a lot. Thanks! :D

  3. I wish to have a brother too :( btw your body is so nice!

  4. Your brother doesn't seem resemble you at all in the photo. That's a good thing I guess haha ;)