Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Outing with Bloggers - Sunway Lagoon

Life is so so busy recently.

But I dunno it is over or not, because my presentation result for semester 6 gonna come out tomorrow, 8pm, odd time btw.
Tell you, damn nervous now. Pray for a PASS* T_______________T

Really wondering how im gonna sleep tonight, plus KL weather is hot like roasted chicken. Sweating whole night, one day can shower few times. OMG really wish im staying inside the shopping mall. lol

OK, gonna start my blog.

Last Sunday i went to SUNWAY LAGOON.
Win the tickets from dear Nuffnang

Join them now so that they can surprise you all the time! ;)

This is my very first time to Sunway Lagoon theme park, previously i went for concerts only. My first time to water park as well. Thanks Nuffnang for making my life so wonderful.

Seriously i dunno why i din capture vuvuzela of sunway! Maybe im over exited.

Yea, very happening! That day was family, so actually sunway lagoon is quite crowded.

Tadaa! Going with my bf, have a lot of fun with bf and other bloggers!

Instagram: jacjackhoo

Yeap, we played whole day and i get sunburn cos i forgot to apply sunblock over my body, i only apply on my face. Gonna be smart abit next time.

After play with vuvuzela, we went to 5D! Super exited since i experience with 3D only in my life! :P
So don't miss it! 

After that we play all around the water park.
I found out that im actually quite antisocial. why arh? Bloggers are lidat?
Hmm, gonna be more automatic next time. :P

Ohya, i found that my camera actually got s4 function. Can put in the picture on another picture! :P
Actually quite cool, why i never discover that. lol
Gonna play more with my camera.

I have no idea i still dont have the habit on seeing the camera lens. *i keep seeing the wrong place!
My bf smarter than me lol

After that, we went to Animal Park.

I love this pic the most! The parrot is so sexy!

Yeah, they r my friends lol cos my zodiac is snake! And this year is their year :)

Seriously i dunno what is it but it seems like super cute.

They r monkeys! So cute right? 

They are so pretty. Too many pictures so i select few pictures only :)

Scary animals. Crocodiles. They are too hot i think, sleeping in the water.

Lastly will be the bear bear. Which is one of my fav pic. 
I really dunno that sunway actually got so many cute animals.

Sunway Lagoon
3 Jalan PJS 11/11,
46150 Petaling Jaya

Google Map - Here.

*Happy Reading dears!
I will go again, with my friends! A great place to hang out and relax*


  1. Aww, how i wish i can join this trip too T.T

  2. Yes you can join it next time dear <3