Thursday, May 9, 2013

Terengganu 505

Finally!! My personal POST.

Yeah, i followed my bf back to Kuala Terengganu for the past few days.
FOR 505 of course. 

I can vote already but I haven't register. Useless huh? I felt so guilty after 505, i din contribute for my country. Democracy for Malaysian, we can choose who become our prime minister.
*promise will go and register! 

Yeah raining the whole day at Terengganu. Don't really go out. So sorry cos don't have much photos. 

Guess where is it? Terengganu beach. Yeah, so pretttyyyy.
Even u sit there and feel the mother nature u will satisfy and can say 100% relax lol

Yeah took picture with my beloved bf. 
After that we just have a walk around Terengganu. A great place at penisula which is similar to my hometown, Sarawak.

*no wonder we r so alike lol

See my face also know lah. lol

Yah after that we wanna give surprise for my bf's mum since this coming Sunday is Mother Day!!
For those who dunno what to buy for MUM, can consider a cake, bring her go out for a great meal, shopping etc etc! 

First time i saw my bf's dad so happy with his beloved wife, my bf's mum.
Sound a bit complicated huh? 


Yeap, hehe. First time i celebrate with bf's family.
When i fly back Sarawak on 1 June, I will celebrate daddy mummy day with my beloved family!

Mama I MISS U T_______________________________________________________T

Ok, here is other random pic i took at bf's house. My niece!

Super cute right?
And my bf's baobei.
lol why i say so, cos im a bit scare of his doggie - Brownie.

He can just pull me away #likeaboss.
Btw no lah, he just too strong and i cant fight with him. My bf still can lol

Okay lah. A short update for my life.
Life so busy with my sem 6 finals. Wish me luck and can graduate with above average lol




  1. ur bf's dad soooo cute haha

  2. terengganu??? oh no BN's territory :P awesome family ur bf have :)

  3. Joey: Yalor, and he look like my bf also. lol

    Henry: Terengganu is BN geh, PAS not treating them nice previously. lol

  4. wow.. i never know terengganu is BN territory now.. :P

    faster go register now. sigh and wait for another 4 or 5 years. TT