Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blogger Life

Yes. I think over and over again. The same question.

Do i like to BLOG? Yes, indeed. I love to blog.
But, why i want to blog?

This question appear in my mind over and over again.
Because i wanna share my daily life with all my readers. I almost forgot why I became blogger at first!

Now i remember it, always and ever.

Good news! I done my Health report! All OK. :P
Thanks God for so loving me.


Moving back to my life! Yah, I came back to KL already. But i damn miss my family and puppies. T___T
But never mind, flying back again on this Oct!
Booking flight #likeaboss. lol

Back to University life, 4th year, final year of my Bsc(Hons) of Physiotherapy.
Waited for so long, while most of my friends graduated and started to work, moving into marriage life instead.
Meanwhile i still hanging around. Wish I can graduated faster, earn some money to release my parents' burden. They're old already. Sobs. Wish time stay at young time forever*

Went to shooting before I flied back Sarawak, yahhh actually an old pic already. I dye I cut my hair already. *in growing process* cos my front hair too short. :(

Header of my fb. Love this so much. Still wondering wanna change my blog header or not? Since there're so many nice pic waiting for me to upload! lol

Thanks to my great photographer! He is still learning but he can take such a great pic! Even is a simple pic. :)

Still editing. I love to use this phone apps to design my pic. Especially put in Instagram!

Yeah, you r right. PhotoRus! My fav apps, besides MeiTuXiuXiu (MTXX).

Yeap, here they go. Love it to the max.
Colour effects all damn cool.


Okays, didn't take much photos as my camera keep sleeping at home. Gonna start to use it! Gonna blog about my lovely life. *after graduated dunno still got time for blog or not :(*

Last Sunday went to watch #DespicableMe2, with my bf's friend's GF. Cos bf was away from Klang, so we hang out as girl day!

Cute Minion ever. My bf so crazy with their games. >,<'' ADDICTED. 
After that went to makan Sushi Tei, even though we both r still full, but I have no idea why we still go in to makan. End up with cant finish the food. lol

No more next time. Bad habit. Eat in the sac of eat. IS WASTING.
Didn't take much pic cos I was still in menstrual. Lol you know lah, girls always lazy hot and tempered while they're in girl sick. lol isn't?

No more next time. If not I gonna miss my chance to BLOG :P

Finally thanks to Christy for Tit Bites, all along from Sydney.

And Joey for bringing my Sport Blender which ordered from GROUPON.
Gonna try it out one day. Hehe since I'm so HARDWORKING.

Woots! Gonna blend all the fruits and vegetables that I like this weekend. :)
Okays, till then, post another fav pic of mine!


Yea, I know. Don't look like me at all. Love my natural hair. Never blame it again.

After edit. Yes, I love to edit. I have No Idea why I love edit so much!!!

Happy Reading!*


  1. Good that you are doing ok with study... luckily i am blogging about the things that i like or else i would have stopped a few years back :)

  2. The sport blender looks pretty good, very convenient too! :P Do a review about it lah.

  3. love ur blog header!!

    thanks for the comment on my blog, i reply here:
    thank u! i like it too! jz that now in big trouble already tmr room inspection, have to take everything down, such a pain T__T and then have to put back at the end of the day T__T

  4. agree with Henry, the reason i blog also wish to share something i found in my life~

  5. You looks great! the header very nice, i love it!

  6. Isabel, Catherine Ang, Fione: Thanks ya <33333

    Henry, Mr Lonely: Hmm yea, that's why i stopped last time. Now I blogged back. :P

    Hilda: Thanks dear! I will write a review on it, although im kinda lazy :P

    Fion: If wan to be creative, cannot be lazy, lol, even with tired you will feel satisfied. :)