Monday, July 29, 2013

If I Were A Naughty Smurfette for a Day...

Imma Smurf-Lovin!

What if I were A naughty Smurfette for a DAY?

I will want to use their own magic power travel out of EARTH since while I was KID, i was wondering how the galaxy look like. I love galaxy news so much, like recently how they discover outside the earth, found that there's a planet that's almost same as EARTH.

They also discovered that there is similar cells, ''animal'' or alive creatures there! WATER and O2 are there as well. Maybe we can make friend with them, but hope it's galaxy fight like those action movie *scare die me*

Come google it, type GALAXY and you will found this!

Not clear? Click in for better image! :P
Or you google it yourself!

I think Smurfette should stay with their own colour! Since they are born in that day, like human, we cant change our skin colour, races etc etc! If any changes, means there were be MUTATION. lol

I still love the original SMURF! ^^

More details, pls visit Nuffnang Page, HERE.

Will be on CINEMA ---- 8 August 2013! And be careful with your handbags! Kept your bag always and never separate with you, NO PLACE IS SAFE now ;)

*Happy Reading*

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