Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bali is my dream place

Bali! Is my first ever dream place i wanted to go! Especially my loved one, Vinc, since we r couple! Our on and off relationship make us even stronger day by day!
Was wondering when he just purpose to me :P

BTW all these few years all the time we go vacation are surprised by Vinc, next year i want to go BALI with Travelar! To make my honey moon dream come true with Travelar! x)

Let's see how's Bali look like :P

Oops! Wrong pic! Now i start thinking how we gonna have a great vacation at BALI. Such a wonderful place to go with your loved one.
BALI map. Cannot miss this during your vacation!

Isn't cool? I wan to go there here and that place!

Tadaa! Tempting right? The Grand Mega resort and spa was so fairy tales and wonderful! 
So remember to go BALI at least one time in your life!
Im gonna give my first time BALI to my loved one ;)

My titanic dream! His face look damn funny! lol

Sometimes living at KL will having such a hectic and busy life for all the time.
Going to relax gonna make our body mentally and physically relax as well as fully rest down. 
Over stressed life can cause a lot of health problem, headaches, insomnia, menstrual lost it's period, etc etc.
All these problems come to me when I cant relax myself!

So vacation is always my first choice besides workout, shopping and going back hometown! For letting go my whole year stress, unhappiness and hatred!


BALI, here i come! ;)

Bali welcome all of us, all the time, like this picture shown! ;)

More details pls go to Travelar Asia!
*happy reading*


  1. Bali is my dream place too! :D
    Your blog is so cute! :D
    I have followed your blog. Mind to follow back? :)