Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Phuket Vacation Part 1 - 2013

Omg omg life is super busy on my LAST semester..
Need my time management very much!

Now finally can extract some time for my blog ;)

On the first day itself, something bad is happen. That's our luggage didn't manage to check in because we're late! All our liquid stuffs left in airport T_____________________T
Also we need to buy our liquid stuffs at Phuket.
Luckily Thailand stuffs always cheaper than Malaysia stuffs. Thanks God we had a wonderful trip still.

Went Phuket, Thailand with Vinc on 29 November 2013!
Our second trip <3 p="">

First trip was going to Bandung, Indonesia. I guess I didn't blog about it, did I?

Selfie! Awww oops. I'm not alone actually! With my loved one, Vinc!

We really have fun during this vacation! Our relationship stronger than before!

Our first day was going to temple, according to Phuket Itinerary, we went to View Sino-Protuguese and Wat Chalong Temple! But seriously I hv no idea with it. 
*should do homework before you going to a vacation*

View of this temple!

My handsome bf! Actually I felt that visiting a religion place isn't a fault. We respect each other, we're made of God, we're children of God, we aren't different from each other. 

Wish I'm fair like him thin like him.
Love this couple shoot. ;)

Paiseh arh I shoot a lot my bf's picture. lol 
*really rare and hard to take my bf's picture leh. So i wont miss this opportunity lol*

Everyone come here and pray! Even angmo (Foreigners) all came in and pray.
Guess everyone pray for peace, health, etc etc. May all ur dream come true one day ;)

After that we all went for some phuket local shop.

We visit the famous honey outlet!
While we enter the outlet, we first going to see the real bees and the queen of the bees! And my brave bf went and take this picture! Awwwww

Seriously I'm scared of bees! Their stings I will never forget while during my childhood. lol
You can see after took that pictures I stay far far away from the BEES. lol

After that we went to Cashew Nut factory.

Didnt manage to take pictures due to we r too busy trying all kind of cashew nuts. Tomyam, BBQ, Chili, Honey etc etc various flavors that u can try until forgot what you had tried before.

After that we went to another place, that's full of elephants image.

Seriously I hv no idea how to read those Thai words.

Our lovely picture! Love these pictures so much. 
Will be continue for part 2 ;)

Too many pictures that i need to filter! And some of it still inside my hubby's phone :)

*happy reading*

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