Monday, December 23, 2013

Phuket Vacation Part 2 - 2013

After a hectic period of my proposal, time for me to rest for few hours!
Burning mid night oil already become part of my life! Anyway I still feel blissful that my bf can read my mind, gives me unlimited joy and happiness on last weekend.

However, my toughest thing hvn gone through.


God, indeed.
Listen to hill songs whenever i feel down! Thanks God and my beloved family, my loved one never leave me alone during this toughest moment. :')

Okays, start my Phuket Vacation Part 2!

Before that! Take a selfie first :P

He still handsome thou.. He is #foreveryoung la!  Hope we can go though more vacation!
Include Santoniri, right right? XD

Night time we went to Patong Beach, Phuket Thailand. At very first place, i was thinking what is that place for. Bf always say: U go inside then u will know laaa.

Actually it's look like super huge Changkat Bukit Bintang Street. Btw Phuket is really a nice place for clubbing! Pretty girls and lady boy everywhere!

See? Flood with human!
Just starting from entrance. Long long way to go. If im going alone Im pretty sure sesat inside. Too big and super crowded.

BTW everyone concern one! Thailand McDonald's!
Yes, first day we didn't really go and try it because this trip breakfast lunch and dinner all included. We manage to try pork burger on 3rd day vacation. Pork one u try to guess how much? 190 bath arh. Convert to Malaysia is RM19 smth like that.
The size like McChiken size, the french fries not delicious as in Malaysia one.


Nvm, no more next time. And their McDonald unlike Malaysia one, soft drink cannot refill one. lol
I still prefer to live in Malaysia!!

If u r not wearing clubbing cloths, they sell it anywhere! And the price is acceptable too.

Seriously I hv no idea who take this picture! Guess is my bf lol
Spot the lady boy on first pic and second pic! U can see how muscular is lady boy! They talk like a girl but they fight like a boy. lol

Super crowded. Bf ask me follow as close as him, how lovely he is.

Because of the light, the camera, this picture like taking during day time. Paiseh arh, is night time. That's why a bit blur.

Who says only guy love to see sexy girls dancing! I love it too la!
Seriously sometime I also get confuse girl and lady boy. They r too similar. Only they talked, then u will notice. But I heard that, some they went for throat surgery, and their sound totally like girls. Hmm. Ridiculous right?
*Technology too advance!*

Sexy girls anywhere!

On the night itself, we went for foot massage!
A must for u all if u travel to Thailand. Super relax and enjoy, since all the while before i was helping my patients massage, and no one massage for me :(

I didn't take picture with these lady boys because they will molest girl's boob. lol
I cannot accept lo, since they still a guy, tho with girl's body.

Tiger Live Band at Phuket.
Guess this one is the prettiest bar/pub/clubbing area. lol super crowd with ppl.

LAST, we didn't go in any pub. We're super good girl/boy. lol

We got ourselves a couple polo T shirt. Cool, right?

Too much of photos! Gonna edit and put it on Part 3 Phuket Vacation. Stay tuned!
Anyway, HAPPY READING ya ;)

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