Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happiness is Shopping with Mr Lens + [Review] Colourvue Contact Lens

Today I want to share with you guys about my FIRST shopping with Mr Lens, sponsored by The Butterfly Project! I'm lucky butterfly, thank you for the opportunity, appreciate it so much.

Weeeeeeee XD

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Back to Mr Lens, it is a contact lens website that's sell variety of brand contact lens. They provide Online Delivery, means after you place your order, they will deliver your contact lens to your door step! Isn't cool? No need to see mood, see other people faces and also see weather to go out SHOPPING.

Another thing I love about Mr Lens is, they sell COLORVUE brand of contact lens, which is my favorite contact lens since 3 years ago! After that I can't find any at my hometown, kinda upset, but when I know Mr Lens got sell it, I am super happy!! Kinda outdated because nvr check this out. *HMMMM*

Let's begin my very first journey in Mr Lens!

1. Key in

2. Register by clicking MY ACCOUNT at the right up top, then CLICK - I Am A New Customer, next fill in some personal details.

3. Next, then all the LENSES and SOLUTION will come out. Choose any one of it, and I choose 3-monthly disposable contact lens XD

4. Then CLICK on the contact lens that you want. This page will preview next. Again, Colorvue Glamour Grey, my favorite color of my contact lens, then CHOOSE your degree!

5. Then it will total up your amount. 

6. Then they will ask you double confirm the delivery address!

7. Then proceed to COUNTINUE :D

8. Choose your payment, and PROCEED.

9. Then confirm ORDER. Weeeee. Almost doneee!

10. Tadaaa~ CONGRATULATION! You are done!

Every process done by MR LENS will be informed via EMAIL.
So I order it on Monday, and I get it on Wednesday! Super duper fast, good service ever.

You can tear from the side.
Then you can wash it with solution first.

Here is it! XD
Now I try to put one side to see the different.

Nice right? Imagine both eyes?
Yeap, long time didn't take with my lens already, it took me quite sometime for me to put in my contact lens.

I will be looking like this btw XD

It always nice if you match your contact lens with make up! Next time Im gonna share a bit my make up skills. Stay tune then XD

*LOVE* Colourvue because of it's soft and super comfort lens design. It contain 45% water and 55% Terpolymer, which other brand of contact lens have the ratio of 42% and 58%. If you wear whole day (Advisable hour only 8 hours), it won't really make our eye dry! COOL right?

*LOVE* Mr Lens because of their good customer service, if you found any factory defect in your contact lens, they will instantly replace you a new pair of contact lens! Just email them at or facebook them!


For this order, one of my contact lens having factory defect, and I straight away contact Mr Lens at Facebook, they instantly replied and replace me with new pair of Colourvue contact lens!

Ignore my hand, because I was born like this XD


Happy Shopping! XP

So, if you interested to order contact lens, you can always choose Mr Lens!
More details at:


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