Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mary Quant Workshop - Make Up Artist Ms Takaki from Japan

Mary Quant beauty workshop!! Thanks to Manoah for this opportunity for let me trying on this Mary Quant Brand that created since 1966!

Yeap, in the year of 1966:
Mary Quant begins design of cosmetics; MARY QUANT COSMETICS then is launch.
Made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.) by Queen Elizabeth II for her achievement with the mini skirt, whereby she begin her career with mini-skirt sensation at first.

Such as amazing adventure if you go through her past history, here.

Let's go back to our beauty workshop, it's company located at Mandom. Sdn. Bhd, at Uptown Damansara.

Symbol of Mary Quant.

Okays, this make up workshop going to lead by Ms Takaki, Japan Make Up Artist!

Before make up, always remember to clip up all ur fringe or hair, to make sure every part of your face is applied with moisturizer, concealer, foundation and loose power to a perfect condition of your skin.

Okay, first step apply toner first with cotton, then moisture milk by using palm of ur hand.

Yeap, this is to make sure your skin always stay in moist condition and prevent your face become oily. Remember, why your face will get oil easily? Because your skin is too dry, so it need to produce a layer of oil to prevent your skin dehydrated.

This is a very important information that I learned recently! Keep my face moist! :D

Okays, now let's start our make up!

1. Oil ZAP

I love this oil zap so much because it is use to control our oily T-zone.
My T-zone is so terrible as it always produce lots of oil at the end of the day after whole day make up. After I applied this, end of this day I feel NO OIL at my face, at all!

Isn't amazing?

2. Moisture ZAP
It help us to keep your face moist in the area that's super DRY on your face.

BTW because my face don't have super dry area, so I neglected this product wtf

3. Eye Gloss
This one is quite amazing as it help you to lighten your dark circle or dark skin on your eyes due to make up regularly problem, it act as concealer too!

Kinda like it la as it also got the effects of treatment.

4. Foundation
Okay, after eye gloss, then you can choose your skin colour foundation.

Mine one is 0-60 as my skin is naturally dark.
Yeap, you can apply some on your face, especially chick area, to make sure it is really suitable on you before you apply it to your whole face to avoid UH-Oh.

Our Ms Takaki Sinsei help us to choose foundation.
Maybe I know my skin pretty well, so yahhhh I manage to choose the correct one!

5. Loose Powder
Yeap, to make sure your foundation stick on your face perfectly, loose powder is a must to make your skin more shinny and smoothy!

6. Eye Brow Pencil
My very first eye brow pencil until now still haven't finish use, maybe because of my eye brows are nice enough? But seriously, with eye brow pencil you can make your eye brows even nicer!

3 colours for you to select - Light brown, Deep brown and Grey

More clear picture here.

7. Eye Shadows
U can choose your shadows and DIY it, choose your fav colour and put into the make up box!

So Im gonna choose this colour!

Presented by Li Chuen

You will need a specific brush like this to make your make up perfect! Included your brushes of your face!

8. Eye Liner
Various colour of pencil type of eye liner!

I still choose back the classic black colour for my eye liner :)

9. Mascara
Super creative design, to make your eye lashes to become more even and look naturally!

Again, I still prefer my black colour mascara xD
Of cos, you still need a curler to curl ur eye lashes.

10. Lip bouncer
Before apply lip stick and gloss, apply lip bouncer to prevent it become dry!

To let your lip stay doi doi XD

11. Lip Stick

Yeap, 2 colour available, but didn't manage to show you guys. Oops! Will take more picture in future, again wtf

12. Lip Gloss

Last step of make up!
Overall, I love the Oil ZAP and Mascara, Oil Zap can help me control oil problem at my T-zone and also Mascara can give very natural curl that's other brand mascara cant fight with them!


Super awesome make up session with Ms Takaki, Mary Quant Product and of cos pretty bloggers!
Pretty model, make up by Ms Takaki!

My selfie with Ms Takaki

Selfie with Li Chuen

No idea why that day my fashion taste so bad, my OOTD was badly presented. Oops, maybe i'm not feeling well.

Group photo! Weeee!
Spot me. Im super behind. LOL

Thank you for the goodies bag worth RM270 and also nice delicious green tea cake!


More information:
Website: http://www.maryquant.co.uk/

for more exiting updates!

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