Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Night with Prodigy KL

Last Friday night I went crazy with my bf and fellow bloggers!
Say Hi again to Prodigy! Last month I had went for Define Official Launch of Prodigy.. So link to here!

Thanks to Manoah and Prodigy KL again for this coolest event to reduce my stress, this time is crazy partying with all the bloggers!

Super classic and elegant look of Prodigy KL, Hello again x)

Once u enter it, u can spot this super pretty place to take picture! Where to find such nice place for taking your OOTD of the night?

Thankiuu bf for accompanying me and be my driver that night!

Was only 10pm smth, and it is quite pack already x)
The night just started!

Drinks of the night. LOL not drunk yet because I can't drink much due to girl sick *oops* He jaga me whole night lor, because my PMS was so terrible XP

He drink only lor. HAHAHA started to fall in love with Samsung Mini NX because it can take very nice selfie at night time, just it need time for us to practice :P

This is the normal picture we normally take, thanks to Ryan Mo for teaching me how to play with the light with my Samsung NX mini.

Okays, now start selfie and take photos with other friends XD

Pretties Joeann and Hilda :D

Selfie of 3 of us XD
We all really need to relief our overloaded stress from last week super stress DECP exam.

Selfie with Joeann! Our first selfie XD

Selfie with Coco! Super sexy and pretty model XD

Love all the selfie with Samsung NX mini, have a lot of fun with all my friends XD
Night continue with awesome performance!

Everyone crazy partying!

Night still young! So let's party X)

Yeap! I like to drink pure alcohol instead of adding coke or sprite or even green tea D:

Enjoy ur luxury environment with Prodigy Kuala Lumpur!
Have fun, everyone!

More details on:

Prodigy KL
1, Jalan Kia Peng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 603-2141 9998

Facebook: www.facebook.com/prodigykl
Twitter: www.twitter.com/prodigyclubkl
Instagram: www.instagram/prodigy_kl

Business hours:
9pm - 3am on Wednesdays till Saturdays
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

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