Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Boat Noodle - Empire Damansara Perdana

Last weekend, Bf - Vinc and me went to try out HOTTEST Boat Noodle at Empire Damasara Perdana. Ever went there before? If not, let me introduce this place to you XD

Pretty right? I was so impressed with this umbrella design as it is so romantic, suitable for couples to come over. But.. what I found out is, most of the people come to Empire Damansara Perdana just for their famous Boat Noodle. 

The rest of the shop not really got people & kinda pity most of the shops there. Empire Damamsara Perdana should do something before this mall become a dead mall T_______T

For me Empire Damamsara Perdana is such a romantic place for couples, photoshooting & classic as well if all the shop is open up.

Let me hold your hand, and never let it go, FOREVER.

Manage to snap down one super romantic pic, and it become one of my favorite pic in my laptop now. *Actually our purpose that day itself was wanted to try out that famous Boat Noodle that everyone discussing it nowadays.*

This is the Boat Noodle shop we meant. The ques was super LONG and we gonna wait outside T____T 

*Remember to get your NUMBER first once you reach there!*

Thought was a sad date but we only wait for 40 mins, while some of the big gangs they wait for 1-2 hours. Kinda pity them. So clue is: GO WITH SMALL GANG, or GO in COUPLE

*Because most of the tables fit 2 person only*

For our free times, we just sit there and snap pictures, and the telecommunication signal there is damn bad. SO no internet for us to check in, scroll our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Kinda sad la.

After 40 mins.. Finally our number been called. Bf actually kinda give up in waiting it. But our patience finally make our dreams come true!

4 types of Boat Noodle:
Beef Dry Noodle
Beef Soup Noodle
Chicken Dry Noodle
Chicken Soup Noodle

Actually their menu kinda confusing. After read for few times I only get it. (Forgive me as I'm a bit slow ><'')

After fill in the form, then just pass to the workers there. For our first order, we ordered 10 bowls of boat noodles. Let's see the surrounding.

Kinda pack & it is full of human. Everyone busy ordering & eating. LOL including us.

There's also 4 types of additional ingredients for you to put in. But seriously I have no idea what is the 1st ingredient. Anyone can tell me?

1. Unknown
2. Chili flakes
3. Sugar
4. Fish Sauce

BTW I went to Bangkok and tried it at Chatuchak. You can check my blog post - HERE. As seriously not much big different btwn Bangkok & Malaysia, except the portion.

Bf and me too exited to try this boat noodle out & forgot to take any picture of it. LOL. After finish this 10 bowls, actually I'm kinda full already but Bf decided to order another 5 bowls.

Close up picture.

Previously they're replacing Bangkok Noodle with Beehun, but now they already using Bangkok noodle. Which I mean it really tasted what I had tried in Bangkok last time.

I personally like Beef & Chicken Soup Noodle, as it taste more strong & nice compared to Beef & Chicken Dry Noodle. And add a little bit of chili flakes always my all time favorite as the spices make the soup even tasty!

Beef & Chicken Dry Noodle taste a little bit sweet with added peanut flakes. So if you don't like soup perhaps you might like the dry noodle. So next time if you going, you can try all of them because each bowl cost RM1.90 only! But bet you gonna love Beef & Chicken Soup Noodle!

Tadaa! I finished 15 bowls LOL

NAYYY, I only manage to finish 6 bowls and it already make me vomit. Seriously I have no idea how they can finish up to 20-30, or even latest record 58 bowls. Maybe they're having super giant hidden stomach LOL

More information:

Price: RM1.90/bowl only

Boat Noodle
Jalan PJU 8/8
Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Google Map: Here.

Have fun everyone! Don't burst your STOMACH ya!


  1. The small bowl noodle is probably a new concept in Malaysia. Hope they come out with more varieties or else customers can easily get bored with these four items. Thanks for sharing.

  2. !!!! rupa-rupanya the umbrellas is at there!!!! next time i wanna go there too! hehe!
    by the way, such a small portion, sumore need to order so many bowls, pity the dishwasher lo! HAHAHA

  3. Vaco: Yeap they're now introducing new menu in other new launched outlet. Do give a try ;)

    Henry: Yalo I didnt know about that until I visit Empire Damansara Perdana too! Nvm la quite easy to wash one haha. But just worried they got wash properly not haha XD