Thursday, August 7, 2014

Himalaya New Launch of Neem & Turmeric Facial Anti-Acne Care

Hi! Last weekend I was invited to Himalaya New Launch of Neem & Turmeric Anti-Acne Facial Care at Fuwa-Fuwa, The School, Jaya One.

Ever heard about Himalaya?
Let's go through this blog post & know more about Himalaya products.

Once again, thank you The Butterfly Project for giving me this super awesome opportunity to let me try out Himalaya product that most of us never try it out before. 

This time, Himalaya used Neem & Turmeric in their new launch Anti-Acne Facial Care.

Before this, let me tell you guys what is NEEM 
- It is from India
- It is the cornerstone of Ayurveda - oldest medical system in the world
- All part of Neem tree included leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, roots & even it's bark have used for inflammation, infection, fever, skin diseases and dental disorders.

Besides, Neem leaves combines with antiseptics, antiviral, anti-fungal, astringent, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can create a holistic remedy against acne & pimples. 

Picture shows Neem Scrub & Purifying Neem Face Wash with fresh Neem leaves

Other than that, Himalaya also in-cooperate Turmeric with Neem for Body wash. Turmeric is one of the Indian spices that I like it very much as it create super nice fragrant whenever u cook with fish, meat or even vegetables. 

Okays, later I will go into details for Himalaya products. Let's see what happen on the day of Himalaya New Launch of Neem & Turmeric Anti-Acne Facial Care with other beauty bloggers.

Firstly we all start with some face + neck exercise by physiotherapist? Actually I'm a fresh graduate physiotherapist too! XD *I should do that everyday, it is super effective & healthy!*

Found an interest website describe Face + Neck Workout: HERE

Yeap, after 1 session of face & neck exercises I felt super relax and not so tense after busy for the past few days. Girls, u should try it out.

After exercises, PR Shireen start to introduce us the new Himalaya Neem & Turmeric products as I also introduce briefly above. 

Suddenly PR Shireen suggest that we gonna try out fresh Neem leaves together with turmeric. I like turmeric personally so I raise my hand immediately after she said 3 bloggers can try it out! *and it actually good for health* LOL

Yeap. Now we r using old school technique to mix both Neem leaves with turmeric. Damn exited to try it out because I love Indian spices! 

Okay, this is before.


Then 3 bloggers included me gonna try 1 teaspoon of raw Neem & Turmeric.

Didn't manage to snap down my expression but you can refer here for before and after I tasted the raw Neem & Turmeric. LOL

It tasted a bit bitter, then come with turmeric taste, but at the end NEEM took over all the taste & end up my whole mouth is bitter + a bit chlorophyll taste. Still acceptable BTW. 

After that, one of Himalaya officer introduce all variety products of Himalaya whereby they cure acne from internal to external of our human body. And they're the FIRST company did that!

After knowing more about these products, we're invited to DIY cookies with full of creative & in-cooperate Himalaya products inside.

We're given one Christmas Tree alike cookies which smell damn nice, and some water colours + some cutie decoration to design our cookies.

Guess mine is the simplest & non-creative cookies among all bloggers LOL. Seriously I cant deal with water colours, which is my wholelife wekness wtf

After that, we need to explain our cookies story & why we decorate them in that way. Seriously, I'm lack of creativity. All the beauty bloggers do is so seriously & I swear next time I will do my best to win some extra door gift LOL

Seriously I should learn from them. Do our best in whatever opportunity we got! Okay the winner of most creative cookies came out! XD

And also have another 3 winners for best story of the cookies. Congratulation to all of them. After that we decided to combine all of the cookies and take one pic for memories.

Taddaaa! Here're them!

So pretty after combining all of the cookies!

After this activity, Fuwa-Fuwa prepared us sandwiches & sausages, of cos they serve us tea from the beginning of this event.

And the event end! Thank you for the nice food served & awesome goodies bag!

Okays. Now I'm going to introduce all the Himalaya products which give all of these effects.

Let me do a brief introduction of their new products. 
You can tried their supplement for their first step of internal facial care. Basically it purified your blood from those toxic that make our skin worsen.

Then proceed to external facial care.

Step 1: Purifying Neem Face Wash
- It is a soap free herbal face wash removes impurities & prevent pimples.
- Comment: It is soft & gentle to our skin. Suitability depends on your skin.

RM16.90 (100ml)

Step 2: Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Scrub 
- Clear, problem-free skin, works as a dual exfoliation & purifying action. Additional with Apricot granules, it gently scrub away the blackhead, dead-skin cells & embedded impurities.
- Comment: It purifies my skin, make my skin so fresh & clean after a day with super heavy make up. Likey!

 RM1X.XX (100ml)
RM27.90 (150ml)

Step 3: Himalaya Neem Face Pack
- It contains Neem, which has antibacterial properties & Turmeric which helps to eliminate acne causing bacteria, and Fuller's Earth cools & soothes the skin. 
- Mud like face mask, apply a thin layer of it, left it for 10-15 mins & remove it with wet sponge or towel. Rinse with cool water. 
- Comment: I like mud-alike face mask. It makes me really comfortable after applied.

RM27.90 (150ml)

After completed these 3 steps you're done! You can tried Himalaya Deep Cleansing Astringent Lotion RM27.90 (200ml) or your own skincare! You can get all of them at Himalaya outlet or any Pharmacies like Caring, Guardian, Watson etc etc.

For body care, you can use: Himalaya Protecting Neem & Turmeric Body Wash
- Neem & Turmeric give you gentle & effective care, as antibacterial properties, combine to leave your skin clean & refresh.
- Comment: My bf kinda love it as he having acne problem at his back. So far so good. No allergic occurs after using this product.

RM13.90 (200ml)

Hope all of you enjoy this blog post and anything you can leave a comment below or more information:


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