Friday, October 2, 2015

[Review] Brow Design - Brow Mascara by BOURJOIS Paris

For my previous make up, EYEBROW part I only use BROW PENCIL to draw and fill in the blank :P Oops, should says that to draw out the shape of my brow :D

Actually I got a very thick eyebrows, and sometimes messy if I don't really shave it.

So today I'm going to teach you all how to have pretty and NICE EYEBROWS! But first I'm going to thanks to Bourjois Paris for sponsoring Brow Mascara which I'm wanted to try it out since long long time ago ;)

Various type of Bourjois Paris Eye Brow Mascara!

4 intense shades:
  • 01 - transparents
  • 02 - blond
  • 03 - Chatain
  • 04 - Brun
It has instant triple action, which gives styling, tinting & setting formula in soft-brush mascara designed to tidy up and fill in your eyebrow to more stunning & charming!

Hence your eyebrows will be shaped & enhanced whole day long! I choose 03-Chatain color because it is more suitable for my skin as well as the eyebrow pencil I'm using for my daily make up routine ;)

I'm going to do a tutorial how to get my stunning eyebrow just with 3 steps!

Use shaver to cut out the shape of your eyebrow. Personally think that it need a bit of time to learn how to get your own style of eyebrow.

You can refer to the chart below to get your most suitable eyebrow shape! I'm having long face, so you can see I always draw straight (not so straight actually*) eyebrow on my daily make up routine. BTW keep learning & you will understand more about your eyebrows shape ;)

Shade my eyebrows. I'm going to use my favorite eyebrow pencil to fill up the empty space of my underneath hair of my eyebrow, remember to shade gently :D

Love brow mascara because it's brush really soft and smooth while applying on my eyebrows  ;)

So, I'm going to use Brow Mascara by Bourjois Paris as my final step.

Love the effect so so much, as by using this Brow Mascara, it can show out the hair texture! Brow Mascara will locks it in place and your pretty brows are done ;)

Definitely will highlight my eyebrows with these 3 steps, as it is really make me look more stunning with sharp colour as well as nice eyebrow shape! :D

Volume: 6ml
Price: RM41.90
01- Transparent not available in Malaysia

More information: 


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  1. so interested in brown design! must try it!!

  2. wow looks fun to use. Love the shape chart now know which for myself to do.

  3. I tried before from this type of mascara brow..but still prefer powder types

  4. That looks nice. Brown is good too, it makes the eyebrows looks less harsher than black. :)

  5. Pretty interesting product.. would really love to try this out... I like the pencils....mascara can somehow make it thicker or messier... errmmm

  6. so sweet la you and your bf :D.. good looking beautiful people when come together, pictures all also come out nice one.

  7. Looks like not bad but its definitely not for ppl like me, who has no eyebrow lol

  8. hey, brown eyebrows look more natural as compared to black ones. thanks for sharing how to shape and draw a beautiful eyebrow :)

  9. Heard so much about this brand, would really like to try it out too one day :)

  10. I still fail at drawing my brows. but after looking at how you apply it, im gonna try it again today. haha

  11. that's a great tutorial, i am blur about brow design too, so i need to learn a lot more about it.

  12. I love the effect also. Got to learn from your tips. Thanks for sharing.

  13. The effect is superb! Thanks for your tips!~ I really need some tutorial to design my eye brow..

  14. Ah setting brows, that is always a game challenge Jacqueline dear :) Glad to know Bourjois works for you, it would definitely be an interesting product to give a go with ;)

  15. Hey thanks for the brow tips. I have heard of Bourjois before and this looks like a lovely product!

  16. Ooooo, do you think it can be used alone (without the brow pencil underneath)?

    1. I think is better to draw together with pencil, as it shows more significantly :P

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    Amazing Post, Its my first visit on your blog but it seems like there is plenty of nice stuff around.I will certainly refer it gradually .
    Thanks for this wonderful article , it is indeed a great help and a time saver Eyebrow Gel

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