Monday, October 19, 2015

Dry food as Treat for your PET by Sit & Stay

Talking about TREAT FOOD for your pets, always giving biscuit type of treat food? Today I'm going to introduce NEW type of treat food for your beloved pets.

Bet you they gonna fall in love with it so so much!

Treating my house owner's pet, Harpy as I forgot to bring my snacks back to my 2 beloved baby puppies - Jocky & Lucky. Harpy super camera shy & and even bark on my camera -.-

She is Harpy
(Breed: Golden Retriever)

Okay there're few types of dry treat food for your pets :D





All of them look so delicious right? Harpy cannot resist any one of them! For her, it is super tasty and she just can't wait to finish all of them :D

So why dogs or pets need TREAT?
  • Training purposes
  • Sign of you sayang him/her
  • Have fun with your pets
  • Etc etc ...

They actually like human, need some snacks or junk food to make their life more interesting! So gonna treat her what? How about ikan bilis & beef fillet? I'm going to ask Harpy STAY!

Aww, how innocent is her. After stay and I'm going to give all my snack to her. :P

House owner's son, Kanny is putting on snacks on her nose until the order of EAT, then Harpy only eat! How smart is Harpy. If you're interested to try out all these dry food for your pets, you can check out their FB! Let's treat our pets with healthy snacks! :D

Had my mix type of Treats :D
1 PACK (70-100g) of Each Type of Treat: RM15/-
(Can last for 1 month, after unsealed & stored in airtight container)

More information:


  1. oh my!!! pet can have delicious snacks too. adorable! ikan kering...look delicious to me. WTH!

  2. The owner very patient training her dog. Is the dry food expensive?

  3. Harpy so cute and the fur looks nice. Should be eating good and nutritious food a lot

  4. now a day doggy got more variety of choice . good treat!! must be well train after this...hehe

  5. You are such a kind hearted dog owner. How much is it?

  6. wow you sure these dog food? so many choices to give him eat.

  7. What a great treat for our lovely pooches. No matter how they make us mad sometimes, we still go and get the best for them!

  8. wow.. such a great snacks. :) enjoying

  9. Your doggy is sooo cute! I wish i could train my cat

  10. love your dog... she is sooooo cute and well behaved... and photogenic...

  11. omg so happiness ^^
    a lot of great food !

  12. Your dog is so cute~~~
    I don't have a dog because I scared of them >~<

  13. This is so cool. Ya for the pet that has so much love.

  14. Ohh this is so cool! A treat to train your dog not bad uh! And your dog is so adorable

  15. Wah.. So many types of dry food... Your fur kid r so cute!~

  16. Your dog is shooooooooo cute. =)

  17. Omg your dog so obedient! Missing my dog Tessa so badly now

  18. Jacqueline, ur doggy so so cute :) omg....the dog snacks look so tempting and tasty too :) Do u ever mixed up your snacks & then tried your doggy's snacks once instead? :P

  19. I love your dog! And she so cute and wait your snack for so long, I can feel her hahaha

  20. wow..even dog food looks pretty yummy if compare to the olden days :)

  21. good food for the doggie :), usually for my family dog, they will feed her lots of different different meat and snacks too, even dog food, but nothing so luxurious.

  22. So cute the doggie, my sister feeds her pet with carrots instead cos he is over-weight ;)

  23. Your dog is so cute!!
    This post doesn't related to me cuz I don't own a pet, but I will help to spread the msg :)

  24. wow your pet is so blessed to eat such good good, im sure that's why the hair is so smooth too.

  25. I don't have a dog. But I have 16 cats at home. Do they have cat food?


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