Wednesday, April 6, 2016

[Review] Oxybright Beauty Beverage by IVIORA

Hey hey, back to my REVIEW post!

Today I'm going to introduce you all a brand new collagen beauty beverage by Iviora --> Oxybright which I think it is effective to improve and rejuvenate my skin to flawless skin, in 2 weeks time!

Yes, what's so GOOD about Oxybright?
  • Natural anti-oxidant booster by 17 times of Grape Seed
  • Give protection from UV damage
  • Enhance brightening and translucent skin
  • Suppressing melanin productions, attenuates age and dark spot
  • Oxygen booster
  • Bind moisture and enhance skin's hydration level
  • Improve delivery of oxygen to cells
  • Strengthen skin foundation and collagen structure
  • Improve ski elasticity and firmness
  • Replenish and promotes collagen production within body
  • Maintain and strengthen healthy bones joints, hair and nails
  • Small molecule collagen that  contain 1000+- peptides
  • Improve vision
Lastly, it is suitable for both Female & Male!

Servings per box: 15 sachets of 10g

Hydrolyzed marine collagen, mix fruits juice powder (blackberry, raspberry, blueberry and elderberry), maltodextrin, crystalline maltitol, soy isolated protein, acerola cherry extract, citric acid, rose petal extract, white fungus, astaxanthin and pine bark.

Direction of use:
1. Mix 1 sachet with half cup (approximately 150ml+) of room temperature water. Try to avoid hot water as it might destroy the active ingredient.

2. Then stir until dissolve! It smell and taste with lots of berries!

3. 1-2 times daily before meal, but I took it every morning before workout. Had a banana, a cup of milk + chia seed + rolled oat and Oxybright before meal to make me younger! Definitely yes for me ;)

(Colour, taste and powder texture may vary from batch to batch as all the ingredients used are all naturel!)

What I like about Oxybright is the Astaxanthin ingredient:

It is derived from Micro-Algae (Haematococcus Pluvialis Algae) which is 20 times stronger as an anti-oxidants and provide greater health benefits! Astaxanthin is a powerful anti-oxidants with broad health implications for human body, which beneficial for promoting healthy skin, eye health as well as strengthen immune system!

6000 x stronger in Vitamin C
40 x stronger in beta-carotene
800 x stronger in CoQ10
17 x more potent in Grape seed extract
550 x stronger in Vitamin E
75 x stronger in Alpha lipoic acid
550 x stronger in green tea catechins

Comment: At first I thought it contain certain *sea* smell but surprisingly it comes with berries fragrant which I really love it a lot. It definitely makes my day so so much better while taking Oxybright before breakfast!

So, after 2 weeks time, it really make my skin healthier, less pimples and pores, smoother and also flawless! Seriously NO foundation needed during outing, just applied my eye liner and lip stick ;)

Other than that, I felt my body stronger and less sickness (not much flu or cough or heatiness) after stay with Oxybright because it contain 6000 x stronger in Vitamin C, which helps us to boost up our immune system! Yay! Highly recommended ;)

West Malaysia : RM196 | East Malaysia : RM206 | Worldwide : US72

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  1. Sea smell, hahaha... That's the smell I don't like for most of the drinks.

  2. Ya, I hear alot about vitamin c these few days and always wondered about its effectiveness.

  3. Nice. I sure need more collagen for my skin and body.

  4. 6000 x stronger in Vitamin C? Wow, that's strong! No wonder you can testify of its effectiveness. I believe that a healthier body is a good foundation. Way to go!

  5. yay to a healthier and more beautiful body!
    better still that it tastes good.

    much love,

  6. Hmmm..... more powdered drinks... kinda scary but I suppose it is a necessary evil to stay beautiful and healthy...

  7. Glad that you felt better after taking these additional vitamins. It's always important to stay happy and healthy.

  8. I believe beauty is build by inner health, it is important that we must first now how to take care of our body! This product seems good :)

  9. Sometimes all these supplements do help. But do take in moderation! It's important that you start taking charge of your health earlier than later.

  10. This beverage looks good. I should try it myself and hopefully my skin will become better.

  11. At first thought, it looks like smoothies when it is placed in the glass jar hehe.

  12. You skin look fairer after consume the Oxybright. I wnat to try this product too. I believe I can but from any pharmacies , right?

  13. Babe you sure are practicing healthy lifestyle! The drink looks really good like a berry drink filled with antioxidants

  14. Usually products similar to this will have a lot of sodium or sugar. I am surprised this does not have.

  15. Is it good for constipation? Will definitely want to try if out if it helps for constipation too :D

  16. Hope no side effects after drinking. Drink looks good though.

  17. It looks great but i am usually very skeptical about them.

  18. I have not try this brand before, looks good also.

  19. it's no wonder you are always looking beautiful and bright with these beauty drinks my dear

  20. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  21. I certainly gonna need the booster as the old age is catching up now. Hehe

  22. would appreciate if you have a comparison photo to show exact results babe!

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