Friday, April 21, 2017

[Review] Damascena Rose Cleansing Mousse by Aromacode

Introducing a new cleanser! Yayy after few months I've been busy for, finally I can take out a bit of time by sharing a really soft & nice smell cleanser for you all ❤

This is Damascena Rose Cleansing Mousse by [ARWIN] and [Biochem], a brand from Taiwan. This cleansing mousse really give the smell of light rose fragrant, which makes you really relax after cleansing your face.

[ARWIN] and [Biochem] is the brand from ARWIN Group. All these products are 100% made in Taiwan (MIT) include R&D, production, packaging, sales and delivery. This is to provide customer an authentic brand from Taiwan. They already maintain good quality reputation for 34 years, and let customers to enjoy the luxury skin care product from ARWIN/Biochem with affordable price.

Let see how amazing it works! Begins with my make up products challenge!😍😍😍

Yeah, normally I will apply all these make up products, let's see it can remove by Damascena Rose Cleansing Mousse or not 😁

How to use?
1. Just pump 2 pumps & u will get these much 😂

2. Give a gentle circulation motion over the make up area with the mousse.

3. Rinse it with water, until it is totally clean! Then you're DONE❤

Okay, this is my second time using mousse type of cleanser. And this mousse really give super soft and gentle bubbles onto my skin. You even will feel comfortable when applying onto your skin. 

This Damascena Rose Cleansing Mousse can be use as 2nd step - make up cleanser once you clean your make up with 1st step - Make Up Remover. So that you can confirm with your face is 100% free of make up products!

After feeling of this cleansing mousse, you won't have any tight or even dry up feeling. So yeah! I kinda like it ❤❤❤ I'm pretty sure that my skin can be free of make up, dirt & dust before I apply my daily skincare routine 💗

I was quite surprise when I wash my hand. I would like to say that it is removing 90-95% of my make up products!

Volume: 250ml
Grab buy 1 free 1 - HERE

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  1. I'm using this damascene rose cleansing mosses too, love the smell and the texture. :)

  2. I admire the changes on your face

  3. Omo, effective cleansing is simply impressive!

  4. Waaa nice cleansing . Good stuff. I need to have one. I like Rose scent too

  5. Wow it truly cleanses thats awesome! At first i thought it was a perfume, because the container is so chic :)