Monday, September 18, 2017

Glow 'N' Win Contest by Royal Expert 2017

Hey hey, GOOD NEWS for my readers & new comers for my blog!

Royal Expert is organizing a Glow 'N' Win Contest, and Grand Prize worth up to RM88,888! But first do you all heard about Royal Expert? This company starting off with a single whitening cream, so as other collective product lines, and most important it is not only suitable for women, but men & children!

Haven't try out Royal Expert products yet? Purchase their products & win amazing prizes!

How to participate?
1. Purchase 1 Royal Expert Advanced Brightening Cream (REABC) from any Authorized Dealer / Royal Expert Resource Centre.
2. Find the information leaflet inside the box.
3. Fill up the form by scanning the QR code on the leaflet.
4. Submit the form and wait for the confirmation email.
5. Follow our official FB & IG page for latest updates & winner announcements.

* 2 lucky winners will be announced every 2 weeks (4 per month x 12)
* 1 lucky grand prize winner will be announced at end of each month (1 montly  = 3)
* 1 jackpot winner will be announced at the end of the campaign (2x tickets with accommodation)
* Participant must be 18 years old & above
* 1 entry per purchase
* T & C apply
* Winners must present original IC/passport to claim their prize in HQ

What's so special about REABC?
- It contain 28 types of ingredients added in REABC which mainly gives brightening & smoothing functions.
- Other than that, it also can rejuvenate skin, calm sensitive skin, gives antioxidant protection, remove dead skin cells, reduce skin inflammation and so on!
- It approved by KKM -> NOT140501682K

Wish to know more? Read - HERE.

What Amazing PRIZES?
- Flight ticket to LONDON with accommodation paid (5 days)
- Education allowance - Worth RM5000 each (Total 15k)
- Smart phones (Samsung S8)
- RM500 Aeon Shopping Vouchers
- Domestic Holiday Packages

Touch your heart? Join this contest today!
Before I end, just share with you guys Royal Expert looking for Dealers! Do contact them if you interested ❤

More information:
Facebook -
Website -
Instagram -


  1. Cool ! I hope i can be the winner also :D

  2. wow, the price look attractive, wish I can be the winner!
    Thanks for sharing~

  3. Flight ticket to LONDON with accommodation!!? I want this!

  4. thanks for your info and sharing.:)

  5. The price is so attracting!! Gonna share this to my friend =)

  6. London!
    I've never been to London before but I guess I won't be so lucky to win any prizes even if I'm participating the contest!
    But still thanks for introducing this to everyone!

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  8. Enthusiastic words written in this blog helped me to enhance my skills as well as helped me to know how I can help myself on my own. I am really glad to come at this platform.

  9. THanks for sharing the contest with us! Should try luck haha..

  10. 我是男生,所以沒太多化妝,只用化妝水保濕!

  11. Cheers to the share - the prizes here are certainly attractive-plus those flight tickets to London is certainly tempting too.